New Doll [Migidoll] Style type New Doll "Ethan".

Jun 2, 2016

    1. ** Release of Migidoll's new style type, "Ethan"!!

      For Migidoll's 5th anniversary, a new limited dolls, "Ethan" is released as collaboration with Sadol outfit "Operation Desert".
      "Ethan" is a limited edition not for regular sale.

      * Event date : 10 am on June. 6, 2016 ~ 6 pm on June. 30, 2016 (Korean local time)


      ** Yuri make-up change.

      New default make-up of Yuri has been updated.
      Please be aware when you place an order of the make-up.

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    2. My sadness at just discovering Ethan right now and simultaneously discovering he has already sold out makes me oh so sad. What a stunning doll. His eyes are so haunting. Maybe next time…
      I am new to Migidoll. Is there a limited amount of dolls to sell in the time period? I saw the sale was supposed to go longer. So if they sell out before the end date, the pre-order is just over? I am assuming that is how it works, correct?
    3. The preorder is from June 6th-30th, so he isn't sold out - he just hasn't gone on sale yet. :) Hope you can bring him home!