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Migidoll's Christmas Event announced!

Dec 1, 2008

    1. I just received an e-mail about Migidoll's Christmas Event, so I thought I would post about it here.

      Migi states that she is having a "Tanned Skin Sale" for Ryu, Miho, Vamp Ryu and Vamp Miho from Dec. 10 through Dec. 30.

      She has some more details on her order board, which I've copied below. It appears that she's got a certain number of heads already made that can ship out right away for Christmas, so you won't have to order and then wait for the casting.

      If you have specific questions you can inquire on her Q&A board at http://www.migidoll.com :)

      The below is her notice on the website:

      Hi~~ migidoll
      First, Thank you for your support.
      As this Christmas event, we sell Ryu, Miho, Vamp Ryu and tanned skin of Vamp Miho .
      From 10th to 15th December, each 10 heads of Ryu, Miho and Vamp Ryu and 5 heads of Vamp Ryu.
      This time is that we will ship as soon as confirming payment after orders because we are not going to manufacture after ordering, that is, products are ready.

      This event title is 'Christmas present'. so if you pay money until 15th December at the latest after an order, you can get a head in your hand before Christmas.
      We wish a good Christmas present to you.


      When you order, please write a title with the name of your favorite head and its quantity. Only if it is that way, others can refer remaining quantity of heads when they order.
      For example, order-S.Vamp Miho-1ea in the title.

      With reference, the total quantity of heads can add more at the selling date.
      Payment has to be until 31th December at the latest after an order. Bur if you wish to get it before Christmas, you should pay until 15th December at the latest.

      Thank you^^
    2. I apologize if this isn't where it is supposed to be.

      So, does that means there are only 10 heads of each type and only the first 10 people who order & pay can get them or only the first 10 will get them by Christmas and the rest will be manufactured afterwards?

      I've been to the website, but I can't figure out how to post a question there.
    3. I think she meant the rest will be manufactured later, but you should ask her directly. You could try e-mailing her at ymo9717@hotmail.com if the board doesn't work for you.
    4. are just tanned versions of the heads going to be sold?
    5. From what I read on the website, there will be tan versions of Ryu, Miho, Vamp Ryu, and Vamp Miho. There will also be a NS Vamp Miho during this order period.
    6. Newbie here. The heads are lovely. Is that all she makes? What sort of body would you get to put one of them on?

    7. Hi, Isabeau!
      I think you should go to the request section here and looks for Migidoll resin match :)
      So you will see various pics of these on different bodies ^^