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Mihael from Leekeworld

Sep 21, 2007

    1. i am seriously loving the trend of realism in the new dolls.:D he's cute and has a lot of promise. there's something about his lips in the first pic though but i love how different he is.:love
    2. His lips appear to be a shade too big in comparison with his eyes in the first picture, but overall, very cute doll :) I hope to see more like him.
    3. He looks alot like an 'artist doll' because of the striking realism- very different from most BJDs out there on the market, very cute.
    4. :D His mouth kinda reminds me of Dollstown's Estella! He is handsome, I cant wait for owner pics!
    5. Wow, I was so shocked when I clicked on that link. Totally not what I was expecting to see as a new doll from Leekeworld O_O This kid is going straight to the top of my "want" list. *continues swooning*
    6. OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! Those lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. what incredible eyes. I love the fact that his lips are a tad too big it makes him look so real.
    8. Totally agree with you jennieve01. I've been wanting to do a David Johanssen-esque character for so long, and I think he may be "the one". I love the body styles as well.
    9. I love him because he looks sooo real!! And so different from the other BJDs out there.
    10. too words: instant love! as every one says I love the realism, I'm planning on buying a head and making him into a girl doll!
    11. Not a doll i would ever want to own, but i love his lips xD;
    12. He's kinda cute. <3 But his eyes feel a bit too small for me - maybe it's just that I prefer bigger eyes, as a matter of personal asthetic.

      Love his lips, though. <3
    13. OMG !! He looks SOOOO REAL !! :o :D
    14. I actually... Don't care much for his nose. I love the rest of his face (those lips have so much character) but something about the nose seems a little... Off for some reason.
    15. Definitely not a doll I need to own, but he's very interesting...and his big ol' lips remind me of these fun little fish Juubei and I own...~
    16. Love the face, don't like the body - I wonder which bodies match the resin for his georgeous face :D
    17. eekss I was really shocked when I saw that post especially as the picture is so large! with small eyes and large nose and lips and face.. A little too much for me. The body looks too adult and muscular for that young face also. The tiny eyes .....

      Nice to see we will be shocked from time to time for the good or the bad depending on the person. I do like to see companies trying new things.
    18. He reminds me a lot of those "Naruto" artists dolls.