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Mikka's Dollhouse : It's christmas time! (Event, European retailer)

Nov 22, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi everybody,

      we at Mikka's Dollhouse would like to help spread the rising holiday cheer in Europe! So we've discounted almost all of our in-stock merchandise, including dolls, clothes, wigs, shoes... You can find our stock HERE!


      You can also participate in D.I.M.'s christmas event through us - order a Happy or a Love doll and get a free head (randomly selected by D.I.M.) in that size for free! :) Also, the dolls are going to be discounted for the duration of the event. We're ordering on the 29th since Korea is a few hours ahead of us, due to the different time zones.

      Finally, we will shortly place orders with several companies:

      Next DollnDoll order: 30th of November
      Next D.I.M. order: 29th of November
      Next Monique order (wigs and shoes): 30th of November
      Next Kiki order (clothes & shoes): 30th of November
      Next Fantasy Doll / Angel Street order: As soon as we've reached the minimum order amoung of 5 dolls / bodies that FDoll / Angel Street ask for. Current status: 2/5 ordered.

      We offer layaway on everything you can order through us!