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Military Uniforms

Dec 31, 2009

    1. Happy New year everyone!

      Here's a list of new released Military Uniforms: www.alicecollections.com

      These army uniforms are suitable for 1/3 size and 70CM+ dolls, some of them also has size for 1/4 dolls.




    2. Hi, those are very nice, but the wesite doesn't seem to be working properly (in Firefox or Safari) pictures are overlapping and not all the prices are coming up. There are also no descriptions and I cannot see anywhere to add things to a cart, etc. Would be interested in some of your boots if they would fit 9cm feet (would need to be 11cm long) but I cannot see any proper info about them. :)
    3. ...It works just fine for me and I use safari...:?
    4. How strange - the home page is okay, but the rest is screwing up. My other half just checked it on explorer and says that's wrong too - wonder why that is??? :/ I wonder if it's wholesale and there is no cart? Not sure, but a lot of info/prices aren't appearing and the pics are overlapping....
    5. That's rather odd. I open in Firefox and I experience the same problem as you, joolz00. So you are not the only one. It could be the layout and the site is new perhaps? I'm not too certain.
    6. The website works fine on my end (Firefox) but it looks like it's unfinished because there are a lot of items that have no prices or tell what sizes fit what doll. I'm definatly interested in the clothes that fit Dollfie Dream (and some school girl uniforms) but have no clue if they fit Medium or Large bust. Probably Medium from the looks of it.
    7. If anyone would like to make an order or is experiencing navigation problems, please dirctly PM the original poster of this thread alicecollections. (Post #1) Thanks.
    8. Website works for me. But it was not alicecollections.com. It directed me to another website with domain name of dfdoll.com
      DFdoll.com is the official website for DollFamily.
      Both alicecollections and DF are sharing the same background, but none of the doll models are from DollFamily (as I can tell...)
      No check out system was on the website either, and you can't find the shop link from DFdoll.com.
      I wonder if Alicecollections has any relationship with DollFamily???
    9. Folks, I created a new chat thread for this new company http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=344979

      Please keep your chat/discussion to the chat thread