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Min Del Re

Aug 11, 2007

    1. Hi

      Has anyone of you a Min Del Re?

      I would love to see real pics. of her :)

    2. Well.....my Min is modded (dyed tan) and you probably want to see the original version, but here she is anyway. I have an un-modded Min on the way as well, so I'll post a photo of her later.

    3. Here are my rather old links to photos of each Elfdoll tiny:

      Couple of cute Min's here too:

      BTW - most of the photos you see will be of the older version(s?) of Min Del Re. The original Min, her sisters, and all of the original tiny Elfdolls had wigs that were hand-glued tiny locks of mohair hair. After that, the Monnaemi sisters may have had different original clothes but still had the same hand-glued hair, but the other Elfdoll tinies (three at the time) were switched to pastel faux fur hair and little suede Elf costumes with molded elf boots (instead of normal clothing). Then the Elfdolls were dicontinued for regular sales but Elfdoll said they would do limited re-releases in the future. Some leftover Catsies were sold first. Then months later, there was a limited re-release of the Monnaemi sisters (Min, Jin, Bong) and they had different faceups, different clothing, and normal slip-on wigs.

      At this point, if you are interested in Min, there seem to be some of the new limited ones still available at Denver Doll. After they sell out, it will be resales by owners only, as it is right now for the earlier version of the Elfdoll tinies.

    4. I have one of the newer Min Del Re. Here are some pics of her :



    5. Eiko82 your Min is adorable
    6. Thanks all!

      She is adorable :aheartbea
    7. My Min is in the air on her way to me as we speak. I have her sister Bong waiting and will post pics later in the week.

      Ps Bong is so adorable (get both)
    8. Dezarii your girls are just awesome ... the shot in the violin case made me laugh
    9. Eiko82,Thanks for the picture of Min.:)
    10. Dezarii,
      Who is the little rabbit? I am in love!
      PS The dolls are very cute, too
    11. a little late but here is my MinDelRe, also a new version (of the limited re-release of elfdoll), her name is Lin :)


      here she is wearing the default clothing that came with her, it's like a pyjama to me. plus a backpack she stole from bratz kidz.

      ps: it's always a good idea to write her name together like this: MinDelRe
      then the thread will be able to be found with the search, which does not find words with 3 letters or less.
    12. My Cranky Winona, Santa of Doom


      This Santa takes no prisoners, mwahaha...

      (Winona is an early issue Min, with the glued-on hair)
    13. aww Winona is so cute, gotta love her expression! :D
    14. Latest pic of ~ReRe~, my cute little MinDelRe!! Balancing on one foot!
    15. I love how you position her in that pic. I never thought of putting the hat on her head when she is wigless. She looks so cute like that!
    16. [​IMG]

      Kind of an old pic. Min is my favorite tiny! :D
    17. She's precious! I love her soulfull look and the detail of her lips....
    18. Dezarii, I love the different look for Min!