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Mindulrae/Dandelion by Bimong

Oct 10, 2008

    1. Another masterpiece with that look of innocence... What size is Dandelion? Is she the same size as classic Narae or is she smaller?
    2. She's 38cm... so about 2 inches shorter than Narae. I think she'd make Narae the most perfect little sister!

      I am also a lifelong collector of traditional Asian dolls, and Dandelion seems like the most beautiful combination of modern doll art blended with the serene charm of traditional Asian dolls. I always hoped Bimong would one day let us have her... and now he has. What a sweet man.
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    3. Her measurements are similar to the Kish 14 inch Chrysalis dolls, lots of seamstresses are making clothes for those dolls right now.
    4. Do you have the measurements for Chrysalis?
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    5. Here are measurements for Kish Lark:
      Chest 7 7/8, waist 7 1/4, hips 8 5/8,
      neck 4 1/8, shoulder joint to wrist 6, wrist 2 1/8, inseam 6, foot 2 1/2 L.x
      1 wide. length back neck to back of knee 8. All measurments are in
      inches. I no longer have the doll (bought her to steal her dress) so those were the only measurements I took.
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    6. She is soooo adorable! Even years later I am still enchanted by my original Narin, my only MSD-sized doll to date, and I think Dandelion would make the PERFECT little sister for him. Her detail is absolutely amazing! Bimong is a GENIUS!
    7. She is so real.She looks so much like those very realistic porcelain BJD by Japanese artists and scrulpters.She is pulling my heartstring.If only she was a little smaller :(
    8. She is just precious. Bimong is an amazing sculptor. I love that she is more childish too.
    9. different head size ...well that sorts that out .well it has to be done ...for my wigs ..you see :D
      .were is my credit card LOL

      Is there a picture of her body any place ? ...I would like to see the torso ...and joints if possible
    10. D'you know Tinybear, I really need an excuse like wigs... what can I make that means I HAVE to buy a doll :lol:

      I asked in the news thread for a pic of Dandelion's body and joints and Catrina said that she will ask Mr Bimong for one :)
    11. How exciting Carrie, congratulations!!! Maybe when you've finished measuring her for wigs, I can borrow her off you ;)

      Not sure about resin choice, will French go too yellow, or won't that matter with her being oriental in looks...
    12. The new French resin is supposed to be UV protected isnt it ?

      I did have an old Narea ..and she did go very yellow ...but she was still hauntingly beautiful
      and the yellowing didnt make her any less to me ...or to the lady who bought her from me
      ....I do wish I still had her ..but I always wanted a classic face ...so that may be on my list for next year
      Classic Narea ...I get more e.mails from my FLikr asking me what type of doll my Narea was than any other
      hopeing Dandilion will fill the gap left :D
    13. I'm wondering about Dandelion's wig size. 6-7.... or 7-8, I wonder?
    14. i am pretty sure it is 7-8. i think catrina posted in the news post for dandelion that her exact size was something like 7.25?
    15. Yes, it's 7.25, I just checked.

      I won't have time to make Dandelion any clothes before she gets here, I'm too swamped with work. Does anyone have any ideas what clothes I could get that may come close to fitting Dandelion? I have no problems doing a little alteration. I'm clueless on what might fit, but not look too mature...
    16. my Viola

      Im not sure of her look yet ..I want her dress her in the dress I ordered for her ..then I will make up my mind
      but it hasn't come yet...so she isnt finished
      I gave her a look like Fleur ..but Im not sure of this one yet
      she is awesome
    17. I forgot to add ...her head is bigger than Narea .and she dose take 12mm eyes
      which Im thrilled about ,I love this size for my Narea/Unoa and Moona ..so I have lots LOL
    18. tinybear, do you think she will fit MSD-sized clothing? (tops/dresses?)
    19. yes ...she is more MSD proportions
      than Narea ..
      dresses may be a little long ..but I think it will depend on the style , Tops should be fine