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Mindulrae/Dandelion by Bimong

Oct 10, 2008

    1. Another masterpiece with that look of innocence... What size is Dandelion? Is she the same size as classic Narae or is she smaller?
    2. She's 38cm... so about 2 inches shorter than Narae. I think she'd make Narae the most perfect little sister!

      I am also a lifelong collector of traditional Asian dolls, and Dandelion seems like the most beautiful combination of modern doll art blended with the serene charm of traditional Asian dolls. I always hoped Bimong would one day let us have her... and now he has. What a sweet man.
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    3. She will be available in all skin tones like Narae and Narin? Do you know what skin tone the pictures has?
    4. The picture appears to be pinky white French resin.

      Narin Creative will be writing to me as soon as Sunday with all the options for Dandelion. The first thing they wanted to do was be able to show you one. We'll have holiday ordering info soon for her.

      Thanks for the interest!

    5. Thanks for all the nice comments! I will be sure to pass them along to Bimong.

      It's interesting that Narsha artist Gu Mi was one of Bimong's original doll academy students. She also does the most amazing hands... if you look at the position of the fingers, those must be just a nightmare to mold and cast. :D They did a fantastic job on her!

    6. Hello Dustbunnie,
      I think she's a pre-teen... she seems very young, and Bimong's story says she lost her mother and is waiting for her father to come home from work. She does seem very young... poor little thing *sniff*...

      Thanks for your interest in Dandelion!


    7. Well, she does have thicker legs than a more mature mini.. because she's younger.... but she's definitely ABJD! Bimong is the head of Bimong Doll Academy in Seoul, and has trained many famous BJD artists in Korea. Bimong says his main influence is Hans Bellmer, who influenced several of the very famous doll artists in Japan as well.

    8. Thank you so much!

      The Narin company asks me to name some of their doll heads for them.. but I want everyone to know that "Dandelion" is Bimong's name for this girl. He calls her by the English word, "dandelion." When I heard from the company a new doll was on the way, I thought to myself, "Uh oh, I wonder if it will be dandelion this time?" I'm really happy everyone in the West can see her now for the first time.

      Her sweet little head and light spirit certainly fit this name.

    9. Does she have a jointed torso? Are there unclothed pics of the body someplace?
      She's darling, how exciting!

    10. Her measurements are similar to the Kish 14 inch Chrysalis dolls, lots of seamstresses are making clothes for those dolls right now.
    11. Do you have the measurements for Chrysalis?
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    12. Here are measurements for Kish Lark:
      Chest 7 7/8, waist 7 1/4, hips 8 5/8,
      neck 4 1/8, shoulder joint to wrist 6, wrist 2 1/8, inseam 6, foot 2 1/2 L.x
      1 wide. length back neck to back of knee 8. All measurments are in
      inches. I no longer have the doll (bought her to steal her dress) so those were the only measurements I took.
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    13. Thanks for the info.
    14. She is so so beautiful. I love her! zomg my poor credit card!
    15. She is soooo adorable! Even years later I am still enchanted by my original Narin, my only MSD-sized doll to date, and I think Dandelion would make the PERFECT little sister for him. Her detail is absolutely amazing! Bimong is a GENIUS!
    16. She is so real.She looks so much like those very realistic porcelain BJD by Japanese artists and scrulpters.She is pulling my heartstring.If only she was a little smaller :(
    17. She is just precious. Bimong is an amazing sculptor. I love that she is more childish too.
    18. I know she's a BJD. That is obvious, she has the joints, but the source of a doll and the training of the sculptor has never been a consideration for whether or not a doll is considered to fit the ABJD aesthetic and be counted as on topic on this board before. I don't really mean to be argumentative or put down the doll, I don't think she will be counted as off topic, and I think she's beautiful, but she is different from the typical ABJD, and if I saw her photos anywhere else, I wouldn't think she's an ABJD.
    19. Well generally if it's a bjd made in Asia, it's in... so even though she's "different" she's safe. I remember asking one time in an aesthetics thread that if Dollstowns were sculpted in the US for example, would they still be considered on topic, as they don't fit the typical Volksy ABJD aesthetic. My answer from a mod was "BUT THEY'RE MADE IN KOREA, RAVEN, SO THEY'RE ABJD!!11" Lol, but you get my point. ^_~