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Mini BJD's for SD's?

Dec 3, 2011

    1. Hey everyone ^_^

      I've been searching for awhile now for a mini BJD for my SD Delf girl, and so far I've had little luck. I would prefer something that's purportioned like a mini SD or Fashion Doll, not like a Puki or baby.

      So far I've already seen Dollmore Banji and Unoa Light's, but I'm looking for something with more customizable options or maybe a lower price. Also preferably not limited. ^_^

      If anyone has any ideas, please post below.

      Thanks~ :aheartbea
    2. Yes - armeleia's Inkling is a really VERY perfect size as a BJD for SD sized dolls. She is really sweet, mature body (she's got boobs!) and has interchangeable faceplates.
    3. Another member used a Volks Dollfie as a bjd for her doll. It had the eye holes and everything!
    4. Aw, she's so cute! Does Armeleia make them or did she buy her?

      Cool, do you know what it was called? ^_^
    5. Dollfie. It's the plastic one. And Armeleia makes Inkling.
    6. have you looked at soom's mini (not teenie) gems?

      i'm trying to remember the others that i have seen
    7. I don't think I know what you're talking about. I'm not familiar with Volks as much.

      Yep, they're still kinda big as far as I know. ^_^ Thanks though, I do love the Soom fairies.
    8. http://www.volksusa.com/dollfie-dollfie-plus.html

      Those there. Not sure who could paint them though. Maybe Buff, as she has painted those kind before. (I know her personally and have seen her small collection of Dollfie.)

      But if you want Resin, I'd go with Mini Gems from Soom.
    9. Aw, I see. Those are cute. ^_^ Would the Mini Gems be too big to be an SD dolls SD though? They're 11 inches...
    10. Ah, I see. So the Dolfie and the Mini gems are both Barbie size, which is SD size for a SD BJD. That's awesome, I'll definitly be looking into getting one for my girl ^_^ Thanks