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Mini Bodies that are Double Jointed?

Aug 5, 2007

    1. I have a Souldoll Yewon on her way along with a AngelRegion Ami.

      I've fallen in love with the double jointed bodies...and really want to look into buying one here in the very near future.

      I know of some of the SD sized DJ'd dolls, but what about MSD? I just want to know what's out there.
    2. I know Dream of Doll have got a new boy and girl body that is double jointed for thier msd sized range, the D.O.C dolls. Dollmore also have double jointed MSD bodies. (I think the new Kid Delf body from CP/Luts may be double jointed too but I'm not certain, it may just be the funky elbow joint)
    3. Lati Blue boys are double jointed, and the girls have double jointed elbows. I believe Serendipity's new dolls are too. Unoas have double jointed elbows too, but i'm not sure about the knees. That's all I got off the top of my head!
    4. hmm, I found the Angel of Dream bodies are Dj'd
    5. SuperDollfie Cutes are jointed in the extreme as well.
    6. AOD bodies are double jointed in both elbows and knees.

      I think people should be clear on whether a doll is totally double jointed, as many that say they are only have a double elbow joint.
    7. Ya, the Dollmore kids are double-jointed, but only in the elbows.
    8. What are double jointed dolls? :sweat
    9. Dream of Doll's new mature girl body, can't recommend them enough...love love love Sydney and her awesome bod XD She can do AAAAAAANYTHING XD
    10. The new kid delf bodies have double jointed elbows. As well as the dollmore kid bodies. I have the dollmore kid aiden, and just got the kid delf bory. I love both of their bodies, they pose so nicely. =3
    11. The joints look interesting on that new body, but those boobs! :o On an MSD size (with those so-childlike DOC faces?) -- Lol, my minifee girls are complaining about looking flatchested in comparison!
    12. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135245&highlight=double+joint

      A more updated joint system that allows for a further range of motion and more posing possibilities. Usually found in the elbows and/or knees. Some double-jointed bodies also have jointed thighs (like the new doc body and the realskin kid delf bodies) that allow the dolls to do suwarikko poses, sit with both legs to one side, sit in meditating pose/casual man style sit... ("indian style".. I think?), or more. Really cute ^_^!
    13. Depends on the faceup, m'dear *grin* Petshas look great with the body, of course, and my Yen girl looks fantastic, especially with her faceup. I wouldn't recommend Leya for the mature body...her face really IS childlike *gazes fondly upon her old-style Leya*
    14. I do really like the DoD dj'd body....I'm very seriously considering the Twing-key (not the tender/eyes half shut), I think it just might be meant to be!!! Her birthday is the same as mine!!!! August 27th!:love
      I've got the money for her, but I don't know if I want to drop that all down right now :sweat ...

      I've already bought 2 dolls, and I haven't even received them yet! O_o (at least one of them should *definitely* (ehem...hopefully) be in tomorrow...)

      But she's just soooo pretty...I like her so much I'd almost consider turning around and selling one of the two I've already ordered as soon as she gets here so I won't feel so bad O_O!!! That's how you know you really want a specific doll!!!!!...(I highly doubt I'll be able to though once get my dolls in the mail though...I'll get so attached and I know it ^_^)
    15. What is the quality like of the Angel of Dream MSD's? Are they a lot less expensive than some because they are unlimited editions? Is the quality not as good as their more expensive counterparts?
    16. Unoas only have double jointed elbows. And as others have said, same for Dollmore!
    17. They are good quality. Nothing wrong with the cheaper Bjds.
    18. When is Serendipity ever going to re-issue their ISMY bodies? TTwTT

      I really like the ones with a torso joint. I remember both their knees and elbows are double jointed, but the ISMY has additional thigh joints (for sawaricco poses) and body joint
    19. well, now that DolKot released their first mini, they also have double-jointed body but at the elbow... :)
    20. Souldoll's new mini body they have for Miribyeol and Ahee has double joints on the elbows, knees, and also has the thigh joints.