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Mini Doll Homes

Feb 5, 2018

    1. Hi all! I hope this is okay to post, if not please feel free to move it, mods!

      I noticed in the tiny doll discussion forum they have a thread to show off all of their beautiful and unique doll houses for their little ones! Now, I know mini dolls are much different in size, but I still thought it would be fun to show off your dolls' "setup" or home! Where does your doll reside? Do they have their own space, or just a nice place on your bookshelf?

      Please feel free to share your pics! I'd love to get inspired! Below is the small setup for my dolls I have so far; I'm only a couple months into the hobby so my collection is still growing! Beside their little dresser is a small wooden chair where they can relax (:

      [​IMG]Xysh's WIP Home by mariahstarshine, on Flickr
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    2. What a great set up! I love all of the "clutter" on the bed; looks just like my bed! :D Do you have this all up on a shelf someplace? <3
    3. This is my mini living room so far - well, the furniture ans floors set up in my room. I've since built walls for them but haven't had a chance to 'move them in' yet.


      All the major pieces are in, now I just need to work on filling shelves and picking out artwork for the walls
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    4. @NoDivision I really love what you did with your space!


      Mine is lovingly referred to as "The Beast" and is on top of my dresser as a permanent setup (I specifically traded my wardrobe for a dresser to do this). The others are sadly not permanent
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    5. WOW, that looks amazing. I really hope I can eventually get my rooms to look as lived in and real as that.
    6. So modern! That chair os amazing, and I love all the wood. When tou take pics with your Dolls, share, I would love to see It.
    7. [​IMG]

      My Mini's and Yo-SD's live on this shelf. I'm trying to figure out ways to make it look more like a "homey" space versus just a place where they sit and pose cutely. I unintentionally made this spot the "favorite" spot I put the Christmas tree there instead of in the center (where it liked to fall over and crack me over the head! D8)

      It's a shelf covered with fabric since the paint my dad used to paint it when I was little was kind of cheap and it's been tacky for over ten years. I didn't want my dolls shoes to get stuck and scuffed so I went with a different route.

      I also pin up large yards of fabric across the shelf to coordinate the seasons and recover the benches with other fabric to make them look fancy/different. I wanna try a few different ideas but for now, just getting everyone spring-ish ready.
    8. I'm still working on accessorizing this room so it feels a bit more lived in before I take too many photos.

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    9. All of your set ups look amazing!!

      @NoDivision, I just got that very same fluffy chair! (; It's great, isn't it? My girl looks so relaxed!

      Where do you all find props? I keep looking but sometimes I don't know what I should really be looking for, if that makes sense!
    10. I got my benches at a store called Old Time Pottery, you can also check joanns and other craft stores. OR

      The local plant nursery. Sounds nuts but the lawn chair for my mini's and the benches are both planters. Planters that look like furniture with some creativeness to keep the hole for the pot hidden are GREAT doll furniture.
    11. [​IMG]

      Got my second room as a mockup setup today to see what I need to get (hint: A WHOLE LOT)
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    12. I found a few things in the nursery section, actually! Such a great place to look for things! I found a little wooden chair I painted & use for my girls hangout spot! :D

      Oh wow, it looks amazing! I love all the pieces and how well they tie in together! What kind of things are you on the lookout for?
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    13. That looks amazing ! My dolls still have IKEA fournitures for now and well, they're colorfull and all but I'm definitivly looking forward to get them something more crafty. One day :)
    14. Well apart from actual walls, I need a proper carpet, more wall hangings, more things on the fireplace (most likely a huge gold framed painting of sorts, more things on the drawer (I want to go a bit of altar-sort of Feeling), I want a proper wardrobe, more shelves... so much :lol:
    15. Most of my stuff comes from craft stores - some works as it but I also make a lot of things. It's pretty hard to find 1/4 scale things off-the-shelf at most common stores. Usually dollhouse and miniature/fairy garden type props are in 1/12 scale.
    16. My MSD and SD dolls have knockdown room sets that are put away most of the time because I just don't have space for everyone's rooms to be out and on display. So there's bins in my basement labeled "Scythe's Room" and so on.
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    17. I just recently cleared out a corner in my basement where my various doll rooms can live and I can do photography.

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