Mini Doll Hybrids Discussion~

Sep 9, 2017

    1. lol so I feel a bit weird talking about my first doll, which is a Doll Chateau K-01 body and a Dollzone Gill head in either of the threads (even though they're parent stores, go figure lol) so I figured I'd create a hybrid thread for anyone who has a hybrid planned or has one they'd like to share/discuss. Hopefully this hasn't been done already because I couldn't find a similar thread >w<

      But yes! I'm quite taken with hybridizing in general, and when both pieces of my girl get here I'm fairly certain I'll be hybridizing more in the future. Ideas and sharing of experiences would be appreciated <3
    2. I don't know of a general hybrid thread, but I've got two projects in the works. My Mystic Kids Tremmel is on the way, and has a set of Soom wolf legs waiting for him. Possibly the wolf hands, too, since the little claws are cute. I also have two Angel of Dream heads waiting on a Doll Chateau k 08 body, which they'll be sharing for the time being.

      DC has a bit of a wait right now, but once you've found the perfect body for the character there isn't much choice, is there?

      I wouldn't mind upgrading the bodies for my Iplehouse FID guy and my Lumedoll (nice sculpt, but single jointed isn't my preference), but that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. Especially since matching resin for either of them will be just impossible. I guess the extra challenge is part of what makes a hybrid fun?
    3. Yeah I hear you. I was warned about the wait but I'm sitting tight waiting with everyone now as well lol. And I just looked up the sculpts being used and both your projects look like they'll turn out really unique, so pretty~! Good luck on them <3

      And yeah, if I find a sculpt that just doesn't match it's time to bust out the body blushing/painting. I agree that it will probably be more fun that way though. :)