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Mini doll sizes, Latidoll blue vs MSD?

Jun 4, 2007

    1. This has likely been asked before, but my searching skills have failed to turn up a lot of info, so I'm asking it again here in case anyone knows:) I see that on Latidoll's site they have listed that the dolls from the Blue line are not compatible with MSDs (wigs, outfits, etc). Which doll is bigger in this case?

      A question about mini dolls in general, which ones are on the larger side and which ones are on the smaller, more delicate side? TIA for any info!

      Kinda OT, but I really like the DoA Smilies:fangirl:
    2. MSD are more chunky compared to lati... the lati girls are more on the slim side like narae, mnf, and unoa.

      as for other slender dolls (other than the ones i just mentioned), the DZ girl bodies are pretty slim, as well as souldoll's newer girl body (and DoD's newer girl body i think? might be wrong on that)
    3. Thank you! That's great, exactly what I wanted to know:)
    4. hi, anyone knows the wig size of the lati blue limited edition girl?
    5. is there any size difference since they came out with the new girl body?
    6. I think the link posted in this topic is the measurement of the new body, but not very sure. I will be very certain when I have her home ^^

      Hope so in two weeks :(

      I don't think there will be much difference.
    7. I have one on the way too!! :D

      Well, my lati blue boy wears 6.5 sized wigs. I have him wearing a lati green sized wig right now, actually. So I wouldn't be surprised if censya also wore 6/7. I'm actually REALLY curious now... this requires a post on their Q&A boards hehehehe *runs to the lati site*
    8. The new girl body seems to have smaller breasts, and the joints have been improved. From the looks of the pictures, they've made it more stable-- especially in the ankles. (And I was under the impression that they all wore 6-7" wigs except for Cara, who was even at one point listed as having a 7-8" head on the site. She looks like a bobblehead compared to the other girls.)
    9. Will Lati Blue body fit Unoa?
    10. DameIvy, i'm fairly sure they do, i think they say on their site that they will

      got the reply from lati:

      Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, thank you for your concern.

      Censya use 6.5 inch wig which made for her,
      so we think that most 6~7 wigs will fit her, but
      we ask your understanding that it`s hard to guarantee
      you that every wig will fit her just perfectly.

      And yes, Censya has same body as other Blue line
      girl type dolls.

      Take care. =)
    11. what other brand can lati blue girls wear? MSD,unoa, narin & sharmin clothes will fit or not
    12. thanks for started this thread.
      I've been searching for a week. :)