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Mini Fee body VS Kid Delf body

Aug 16, 2007

    1. I'm rather confused as to why CP made two very different bodies for two types of dolls that are around the same size. I know the MnFs are around 42cm, and KDs are around 36cm.

      Mini Fees resemble the normal Delf dolls and also have the double upper leg joint, while the Kid Delfs have a double torso joint and double elbow joints and such. The KD body also seems slightly more realistic.

      Mini fee boy body:

      Kid Delf boy body:

      Anyone know why the two sculpts are very different? I wonder why CP would make the KDs bodies vary so much from the standard Delf bodies.
    2. Mini Fees are supposed to have mature bodies-- adult, actually. They're just supposed to be fariys, not human.
    3. Both Minifee and Kid Delf are the same height - about 40-45 cm.

      Minifee is liek a smaller version of the Delfs - Where Delfs are 1/3 scale teenagers, Minifees are 1/4 scale teenagers.

      Kid Delf on the other hand is a 1/3 scale child. It's designed to look like a child next to a delf.

      The differences are subtle, but important.

      Minifees are slimmer, and have much thinner hands and feet - because they're smaller scale proportioned mature features compared to a larger scale immature feature set.
    4. There is a much greater difference with the girls.

      The kids existed first when most minis were immature. Then when mature minis were becoming popular, Luts added the Minifees - slim mature minis.

      Old Kid Delf Girl Body (42.5 cm doll):

      New Kid Delf Girl Body (41cm doll):

      Minifee Girl Body (41cm doll):

    5. I have a MF Shiwoo head and I'm wondering if it will fit on the KD body. I've been saving to get a MF body, but now that I've seen the KD body....I like it better! I don't know anything about how the MF head attaches, so I guess I need to know if all the Luts bodies have the same neck attachment and would the MF fit on the KD. Thanks for any input.
    6. LittleBitGal- I don't think it would work. First of all, the new KD bodies are in RealSkin like the Senior Delfs- which is a lot more yellow then the NormalSkin that MNF and Delf bodies come in.
      Second of all, I'm sure you'd have to buy a neck 'doughnut' (that circular piece of resin in the options section) to get the head to fit. MNFs have a 'one touch' head attachment, like the type two Delf bodies; and I'm not sure the Delf sized 'doughnut' would fit in a MNF head.

      I guess you could try to buy an appropriate-sized rubber washer, and use that, but again, unless you bought an old NS KD body from the marketplace, the resin colour would be WAY off. :/
    7. Whoops, I said 36cm for the KD but that's w/out a head. XP

      Still, I wish the mini fees got the double elbow joints...
    8. I too have been wondering about putting an MNF head on a KD body. Is the resin match pretty good with old NS KD bodies? I can easily find a washer substitute or mold something out of resin.
    9. Some Kid Delf heads can look large on a Minifee body, but it depends on the head. The Kid Delf body (at least the older one) is a bit stockier and the KD heads look perfect on them, but Minifee is a bit daintier than the old Kid Delfs (the ones available in normal or white skin). I have not seen a comparison of a new Realskin Kid Delf (body was resculpted for them) and a Minifee. But the Realskin KD body gives me the impression of being a bit slimmer and curvier so that's probably why it looks more similar to Minifee. You cannot currently get that body unless you buy a Realskin Kid Delf because they are the new ones.

      Ani which is a daintier-looking head looks pretty good on Minifee. I also saw a cute Woori(?) head Minifee and several Ttoris. I don't think they have yet released any realskin Kid Delf heads separately, nor realskin Minifee bodies so we haven't seen that combo yet. I wish they would fix their line - they currently offer realskin and old skin complete Kid Delfs, old skin tones of separate Kid Delf heads, and no old skin Kid Delf bodies (just an out-of-stock realskin body). I wonder if the new Realskin KD's might have slightly smaller heads too - don't know.

      Here is one thread about Minifee hybrids which includes some KD heads on Minifees:

      Thread about fitting the head on:

      Some links I posted another time that show mostly older KD bodies:

      This one shows a clothed old skin Ked Delf boy and a clothed Minifee - a very good picture of the difference in their head size:

      Reason why they have both - first Luts just had Kid Delf in the mini size range. But then mature minis started to become popular and they added Mini Fee to their line as thir mature minis. Both are popular lines. The boy bodies might not look that different (especially if you are comparing a new boy KD body to boy Minifee body since the new KD bodies seem to look a bit smaller and slimmer than the old) But the female Minifee is very different from the female KD body.