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Mini Fee girl head on other bodies?

Jun 15, 2007

    1. I really like the face of Mini Fee Soo but I don't like the body. Will her head fit on other companies msd sized bodies? Like doc, blue fairy, dollmore and others?
    2. Wondering about this too, I don't like the mnf bodies. Does anyone know about normal dollzone resin?

    3. ns dz resin doesn't match, but maybe real skin will(dz ns is lighter then ns luts)
      But bw does match,
      i have a mnf lishe head on a dz boy body with a one touch system.

      I think you can request luts for a one touch system with your head,
      the neck hole of the dz body does have to be modded for the head to be able to turn all the way with the one touch system.

      I can make pictures of my boy's head on his body and how it looks ^_^
    4. ah darn. >< I have a normal skin shushu vamp elf head. is there any other bodies that would work?
    5. I have seen some seredipity matches,
      there is one in incoming right now.
      But i don't like that match to much D:
    6. Naiara, could you take pics of your boy for me? I would love to see how it looks. ^^
    7. Have you looked at the small-bust minifee body in Luts parts?
      I think you could also use a Kid Delf body.

      And here is a little thread about the opposite - putting another head on a Minifee body - might give you ideas for possible reverse hybrids:

    8. I've had a Mnf and Kid Delf at the same time, and the Mnf head looks way too small for the body, think muscular man with small head, he-he. The only thing I don't like about the Mnf body is that low waist joint. ><
    9. It works with my souldoll body.


    10. oooh she looks really good on a souldoll body!
    11. I have a Shushu head on a Souldoll body, too, and it works amazingly well. Resin match is really good and that body poses better than MNF body :)
    12. bump. Anyone have any other advice to add here? How well do Soul kid bodies ft into msd/dollmore/kid delf clothes?
    13. Wow! But shushu is normal or real skin?
    14. Shushu is normal skin. Real skin is only the Senior Delfs, no ?
    15. The new kid delfs are now in real skin too
    16. Interesting, I have a similiar problem atm :) I have an Angel of Dream boy body with the S-hook system - would it be possible to attach a Minifee head to that?
    17. I've got a Shushu elf head (NS) on a DZ body. Fits pretty well, actually, even though the neck is a tad shorter than doll necks usually are. ^^;

      But the match is pretty good, the DZ resin is just a little bit yellower than the CP resin, which is a bit pink. Then again, it's pretty much hit & miss, just because CP NS varies so much. -_-;;