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Mini Fee heads at Lutz

Apr 19, 2006

    1. Optional mini Fee heads now available at Luts
    2. I wonder if they will look good on kid delf body? ^^"
    3. They probably won't work on a kid delf body, the mechanism needs to be on the body you're attaching the head to.

    4. Would it work to put a Kid Delf head on a MNF body?
    5. yes, if you removed the mechanism.

    6. Mechanism? Wooo....I guess I hadn't paid much attention to the construction differences! Hmm....
    7. Yeah, try doing a search and you will see some pictures of it...

    8. I read on Luts message board that one person had put a Kid delf head on a MNF body.
    9. yes there are lots of threads on here showing that can be done.