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Mini Fee 'My Choice' dolls

Jun 26, 2006

    1. I'm intrigued by the new 'My Choice' mini Fee section on Luts :O


      It makes it easier to get a boy's head on a girl's body or vice-versa, I suppose XD But I think it would be even cooler if they offered the sleeping heads as well :O Then you wouldn't have to sell off that extra head.

      Being able to choose your hands is nice, too XD Though since I want MF Shiwoo's hands and sleeping head, I'm going to have to order the special anyway :'D

      It'd be nifty if they offered 'my choice'-only heads as well, like Volks FCS XD I wonder how much this service will cost?
    2. :D Sweet~
      I know some people were unhappy that they couldn't get other option hands for their Shiwoos. So this will probably help.
    3. and now people can finnally have their small breasted mini fee girls :D
    4. I've been waiting for a chance like this. I still think they should sell the hands seperately, so we can have more then one kind and mix/match, however... I have a character I can get now...
    5. RainbowSheltie: Yeah, good point o.O I wonder why they don't sell the hands extra? They should offer at least a few options...
    6. Volks you can customize the FCS further, choosing what hands, left/right you want. I'll be happy if Luts just sells the extra hands.
    7. Actually, I'm interested to see what the faceup options are like XD Is it just the usual Luts faceup routine, or will it be more like the FCS custom faceup deal? I suppose you can already get a somewhat customized faceup from Luts, but it'd be cool if they took it a step further.
    8. I can't wait to see this idea when it is completely fleshed out. If tan skin is an option I may finally get my dream little girl with small chest, Soo head, and red hair. * _ * That would rock... she'd come home to her very own harem of boys. XD
    9. I doubt they would release them all in Tanning, probably in BW or NS, however... that would be an awsome idea. A tanning option for all head options, like Volks.

      Er, sorry for all the volks referances but it is the only FCS I can think of to compare luts too. Or rather, one of the most popular.

      And I agree, custom face-ups. :3nodding:
    10. I think it won;t be long before Luts releases spare hand sets for minis under option parts just like they have done for the larger Delfs. ^_^ They're doing a lot of work on the minis now...

      And this new system looks good.... anyone know when we'll have more info?
    11. Oooh! MNF girl body with smaller boobies! =D I didn't know they had those.
    12. Volks has the only FCS-like system, doesn't it? XD At least, it's the largest I've heard of... and they do have a ton of options, especially if you're lucky enough to get a Sato doll.

      Now, if only they offered it online... ;3

      Ooo... I wonder if you get a wig/eye color choice with the 'my choice' dolls?
    13. Speaking of wig/eye choice... They should offer all of their eyes and wigs for the system. I know I like the Silicone eyes more for my boys then the glass ones. Ohhh....

      Maybe they will release special my-choice items? I'm getting excited to see what happens now. Luts can be pretty creative when they want to be.

    14. That would be cool!

      You'd have to expect to pay more though for silicome eyes, but I guess that goes without saying... and special items would be awsome! :)
    15. Volks does not let you choose hands left/right ^^ at least when I got my FCS a few months ago I could not do that~! My choice for mini fee looks cool but I do agree they should have optional parts available so one can mix and match~
    16. Hmmm.... So volks doesn't mix hands. I just remember them having a decent selection though. *still votes for the extra hands*
    17. Angelregion has FCS too, sort of, if I remember? This is really cool, though I don't really need it since I'm just getting a basic, bigboobed mini fee XD
      I like the option of different hands though. If they made it cheap enough (with eyes/wig/face up) then maybe I'd get it :)
      Plus, if I get volks FCS, then 2 of my dolls would be chosen by me :D
    18. This shall be the death of me. -__-; If they start offering MNF Elf Shiwoo... squeak. Forget Elf An, He would be an adorable Aricin. ♥
    19. I just asked in the request box when I orderd my mnf girls, if I could get silicone eyes instead of glass ones. The price is the same, and they were so sweet gave that to me! :D The exact colour I asked for even :)
    20. YAY a small breast option! *wants that for her girl* now, only optional hands and I'm totally happy XD