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Mini Fee Posing....

Nov 23, 2005

    1. Okay, so, please people, don't turn this into a "OMG CERTAIN COMPANY SUCKS" thing. I'm merely making a comparison... and asking a few questions.

      I just now got my Mini Fee Bran in the mail today, and now I'm at work, messing around with him.

      He's SO different than my DoD T.Too, Brody. O_O

      Now, since I've only ever had Brody before, I have no idea whether or not this is normal for a Luts doll or not, but... his head poses really strangely. As in, I'll try to put it in a certain direction, a certain angle, and SNAP. It jumps much farther in that same direction than I want it to. I can't get it to really stay where I want it. Is there a way to stop that?

      Also... ZOMG!!!! The mini fee Chiwoo have MUSCLES. I'm talking... like... muscles on their forearms, mucles on their chests... muscles that look so much more mature. I LOVE it.

      The torso joint is... new... to me. It's not in the middle like DoD dolls, but at his hips, which makes things very strange in terms of posing.

      But holy mudder o'gawd, he's got some amazing posability with his legs and arms.

      And also... he MOVES on his own. I'm sure those of you who've had Luts kids before noticed this, but... It's so odd to me. I'll put his arm or leg in one position, and then... ZOOT. It moves back. Heehee. Not "crazy leg" syndrome, but just tightness, I guess. I adore it.

      Lastly... a very, very amusing comparison in terms of the T.Too boy body and the Mini Fee Chiwoo?

      ...The Mini Fee Chiwoos... they've got much, MUCH larger peeners. Oh yes they do. O_O

      Any thoughts or suggestions in terms of the head problem?
    2. Hehehe! I dont think those 2 sentances were supposed to match each other *cheeky giggle*

      First of all CONGRATS on receiving him! I want to see lots of Bran~!!
      You could try restringing him, a little looser, that should stop the scooty joints. Lock wasnt all scooty, and didnt have crazy leg syndrome either, but one of my volks boys were a bit scooty, so i just restrung and all was ok.

      How are you finding him?
    3. Sounds like your having fun~ ^o^ I hope to get a MNF Girl type too if they ever come out with other versions.

      oh oh!! Can you tell me the difference in skin tone? I want to put a DoD head on a MNF... just maybe... ^^;; I just to know if it will work or not? ^_^ Thank you~
    4. Er, I can't restring. I'm terrified. I've never done it before. Heck, this was my first time putting eyes in a doll-- Luts had them all wonky.

      And goddernit... you're a stinker! LOL. I did NOT mean those two to be that... er... close... in proximity. Does your boy's head snap?

      I forgot to mention... he's got awesome nips.. they're huge.

      Here's another-- on the faceup, are there tiny extra little lines that extend from the eyelid folds-- does yours have that? I adore it.
    5. I'll be able to tell you soon... but not at the moment. I'm not at home, and I won't be able to get to a computer again until about Saturday. ;_; ... He doesn't look THAT much off from Brody, but I can't tell much from memory.
    6. Yep - Lock has little eye lines too - so cute!!! and no Lock's head doesnt snap either - i was just going to comment on how fantastically he can hold his head - ANY position - its amazing! Such flexibility! I guess i got lucky with the stringing...

    7. Well, CRAP. Do you know how I can fix it? *s.kdmfslkdjfoiurtie!!!!!!

      He's sitting here on the desk beside me, and he's looking up and away from me, and he's all... SWEET.

      Oh, dear god... he might end up being his twin brother, Brendan... the 'good' one. O_x AIEEE.
    8. Hehehe, i wouldnt say Lock is all innocent and "good" so to speak. You have to update your siggy ^_~

      I have no idea what you can do with his head *worries* without restringing him :(

      hey, i noticed you have a thing for names that begin with "b"!!!
    9. Oh my I'm actually viewing this thread as you do my dear! I have to say everyone seems to LOVE the MF Chiwoo. I saw some gallery pics of MF Soo today and OMFG she has great cleavage. Soooo tempted to get her...(or at least her body at some point)
    10. *coughs chokes sputters and dies while laughing*

      i was drinking milk when i read that and i inhaled and almost died ;___;

      you're trying to keeeeeell MEEEEE!~ @___o
    11. o_o noo!! XD it wasnt supposed to be that funny~! *takes milk away*
    12. She's out to get you...*shifty eyes* She'll take over the world before you know it! But i love her anyway...

      *ahem* Back on topic...
    13. Eeee, I'm so impatient to get mine now! Post photos soon!
    14. Congrats on your boy :)

      If he is strung too tight, try letting him sit on his feet with the knees against the floor for a couple of hours at a time , or when you are not playing with him, let him lay down with legs straight out. that should losen the strings a bit so he gets easier to play with :)

    15. Oh, please do tell me when you can. ^_^ Thank you!~ ^_^
    16. I don't have a mini-chiwoo so I can't say for sure, but if a doll is strung real tightly it can effect thier head movement. I know my kid delf always "cocked" his head to the side due to his tight stringing XD He should "loosen up" with some play time. (You can always make him "kneel" but popping his knees out of joint, and leaving him that way over night, should help loosen him a bit) I think Luts sends them a bit tight just because they know the elastic will strech.

      >>;; I want nekkid picture next to your DOD too :D I wanna see how they look together <3

      Also check the pictures of the neck join in this thread:


      Maybe the mechanism isn't "turned" all the way correctly? >>;;
    17. I haven't got a mini fee (I wiiiish), but I've got a Cutie Delf, who was the first doll with the new head mechanism. She holds her head at any angle I put her in.

      So, your boy's head snapping to odd angles is not the design intent.

      I agree with the slight stretching of the strings ideas--have your doll try some of the stretchy yoga poses, or touching his toes (Squinch!) or kneeling.

      Ann in CT
    18. Well I have read a number of times that if you put a suede around the top of the neck where the head covers the top of the neck it will stop the head from pulling unless its a strong pull. I will be adding some to my unoa head as her head pulls to the side easily. You can do this by cutting the suede in a little snake shape and gluing it around while someone pulls the head up.
    19. Ari'l's (mini soo) head poses fine...I TOLD you i'd help you restring if you wanted. I've done it tons! I can't wait to seee him. You should remove his head <.<...it's fun!
    20. I tried the kneeling all night with Delphi because although her head was fine she had crazy legs since i restrung her. But now she poses perfectly! :D