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Mini Fee Shiwoo Special

Aug 9, 2006

    1. Just wondering if anyone can tell me whether the mini fee Shiwoo special head is "sleeping" or "dreaming"?

      Thanks muchly!
    2. I think it's "Sleeping"
      ;cause all the other MNF heads that are like that, say sleeping.
      But i could be wrong D:
    3. If lyou look closely the eyes aren't all the way closed so it's a dreaming head.
    4. really? alright.
      I just quickly looked at them.
      to me it looked as if they were, but i guess they're not ^_^
    5. Yep it's a dreaming head ^_^
      I think because Delf Soo and Delf Chiwoo both have sleeping heads and Delf Shiwoo has a dreaming head the artists gave the MNF the same sort of special head.

    6. Dreaming? Are guy guys sure?? I thought it was a sleeping head?
    7. ^ No just look really good, you can see his eyes ^_^
    8. look closer...you can see the eyes. It's a dreaming head.
    9. Im sorry.. I cannot see any eyes at all... @___@
    10. Damnit. I was hoping the MNF Chiwoo had a dreaming head after this. Would have been a lot easier opening my boy's eyes.

      You'll have to take their word for it, then. XD 'Cause I don't have one, so..
    11. Brightfires knows for sure...She should post here. She has one.
    12. The MNF Shiwoo alternate is a Sleeping head... Not a Dreamer.

      Like Rynn said, I have one. Kita definitely came to me with both eyes all the way closed.

      Here's a picture before faceups or modding:
    13. :...D yay i was right o-o
    14. Shows how much we know. XD

      Thanks BF.
    15. Thanks Brightfires for clearing this up~!
      Shiwoos! :aheartbea
      That second picture of the special head on the website made it hard to tell wether his eyes were open or if it was just the effect of the eyelashes and faceup.
    16. God, now I want a Shiwoo even more. XP
    17. Hurray.. my eyes has not decived(sp) me. Yay! ^^;;