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Mini Fee Soo (Tanning Skin) and Mini Fee Chiwoo (Tanning Skin)

May 24, 2006

    1. Mini Fee Chiwoo and Soo, both with tan skin, are listed at the Luts website. ^_^
    2. Wow, already tan minifees, with not all of the delfs out yet (ie soony please T_T)
      Can anyone guestimate a price on these?
    3. Well the big delfs are about $100 more for the tan skin versions. So the mini fee would probably be in the range of $80 more maybe?
    4. It says these are the tanning specials, does this mean there are optional sleepy heads? There are two make-up options and all, but I don't see a picture of the optional sleepy head.
    5. Both of them are on sale now (wow, that was fast!) for $415.
    6. are they limited?? o_O;;
    7. I was wondering the same thing. I really hope they have the sleeping heads too. I would assume they do because they are Specials and list two make-up options, but I wish they had a picture of the sleeping head too.

      Also they don't say "limited" by them and none of the tanning delfsd are limited so I think it's pretty safe to assume they are not. I'm really glad they aren't because I want tanning mini Soo really badly but definitely can't afford her right now.
    8. Tans aren't limited it's just that they make less at a time and it takes them a lot longer to restock than the other dolls. It's probably due to how difficult making the tan dolls is.
    9. On the Q&A board I asked:

      I was wondering, do the tanning mini fee come with a sleeping head? It says "special" in the title and has the option for two make-ups, but there are no pictures of a sleeping head and no mention of it in the description. Also, are they limited in anyway, or will they always be available? I really want tanning mini fee Soo, but can not afford her at this time, so I'm hoping she will still be available later on this year.

      Thanks so much!

      And they responded today with this:

      Hi lovely Heather

      How are you today?

      We are sorry about the insufficent photo and description.

      It does come with the sleeping head.

      It is not limited but tanning skins are produced little by little.

      For now in summer we cannot produce the tanning skin. Therefore
      we hope that you can be in the right time to buy the doll you want
      and won't miss it.

      If you have any
      questions, email me or write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......LUTS

      So good news about the optional head and about being non limited, but I guess the heat of the summer makes the tan resin hard to produce so if you don't get one right now you'll probably have to wait until fall. That's fine for me because that's probably when I'll have the money to spare anyway. I can't wait to see owner pictures of Soo!
    10. Wow they are so cute! How tall are they? i hate that luts never puts measurements on their page.
    11. They do have the measurements on some of the other mini fee pages. From regular mini fee Soo's page:

      * Tall : 41cm

      * Circumference of Head : 19cm (7 inch)

      * Circumference of neck : 7.5 cm

      * Circumference of chest : 17cm

      * Width of shoulders : 8.5cm

      * Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 12.5cm

      * Circumference of waist : 12.5cm

      * Circumference of hips : 19.5cm

      * Lenth of "from hips to knee" : 11.5cm

      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 9.3cm

      * Circumference of ankle : 4cm

      * Foot size : 5.5cm

      Hope that helps!
    12. Oh that does thank you soooo much!