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Mini Height Chart

Jul 22, 2006

    1. I'm curious.. minis are usually around the 42-43cm range.. but i know there's 45-46 and there's 41 as well..

      anyone interested in helping me do a height chart?
      just comment with the dolls - height
      Dream of Doll girl - 41cm

      and we can make a small list up.

      Customhouse Little Juniors
      Happydoll Elf Girl

      OrientDoll Tae

      Dream of Doll Girl
      Dollstown Gang-a
      Luts MiniFee Girl
      N-Doll Miso & Miru
      LatiDoll Blue girl
      Soulkid Girls (41.5cm)
      Secretdoll Yomo

      Luts MiniFee Boys
      Volks Super Dollfie Cute Girls
      Soulkid Boys
      Luts Kid-Delfs (42.5cm)
      MiniSupia girls (42.5cm)
      Souldoll Miryu
      Serendipity Boding Boding Alice

      Blue Fairy Tiny Faries
      Angel Region Little Fair Girl
      Volks MSD
      Dream of Doll Boy
      Mythdoll Leroi
      Limhwa Doll ForYou girl
      Unoa Girls
      Kid Dollmore (43.5cm)
      Serendipity Valencia (43.5cm)

      Angel Region Little Fair Boys
      Doll in Mind Happy
      Limhwa Doll Limho (44.5cm)
      Newer style Dollzone Girls

      Dream of Doll Longlegged Boy
      Volks MSD Long Legs
      Unoas Boys
      Older style Dollzone Girls

      Dollstown Seol-a
      Dollzone Boy
      Volks Super Dollfie Cute Boy
      Lati Blue Boys
    2. AR LF boys are 44cm. ^^

      And MNF boys are 42cm!
    3. yay! and we're off to a nice start XD
    4. :] blue fairy,tiny fairys- 43 cm
      angelregion - 44 cm
    5. Dollstown: Seol-a (46cm) and Gang-a (41cm)
    6. My OrientDoll Tae is 40 cm ^_^
    7. I think the dollzone boys are 46cm..
    8. I believe that SDC girls are 42 cm
    9. AR LF Girls are 43cm I believe.
    10. DIM Happy, Odelia and Marianne are 44 cm
    11. mnf girls are 41 cm(according to the luts site, can't measure my girl because she's currently in pieces)
    12. Volks MSD are 43 cm.
      Liebchen is 38 cm.
    13. Just something between, DIM Happy is the same as DIM Happy Odelia and Marianne, DIM Happy is just the name of that group.
    14. okay cool XD
      fixed.. i think?
    15. The MiniSup girls from Supia are supposed to be 43 cm (well 42.5 cm, but they're called 43 cm, so...)
    16. The normal Dream of Doll boys are 43cm, I believe =^^=
    17. Soulkid girls AND boys are 42cm ^^
    18. the Volks MSD Long Legs are 45cm tall (: