Mini Height Confirmations - Please Contribute! - Upd 11/20/10

Aug 12, 2007

    1. Edit: Hi! Sorry that it took me over a year to update this. I forgot about it after it became inactive, but now it's stickied so I guess I might as well. I'll update the title when I update it in batches. Also, this thread is supposed to be analagous to the amazing Tiny forum's body comparison thread now-- hence why it was stickied. So feel free to post photos of comparisons here!

      Doll height seem to vary doll-by-doll, instead of company-by-company, and this creates problems for people who care about height. This may be due to how the company may have measure the height of the master mold, and not the cast doll (which is smaller than the master due to how casting works), or the heads may just be different heights, or other factors. I was wondering if anybody could spare the time to un-wig and un-shoe their doll for a moment and do a quick double-check on its height. Then I'll add them to the list below with their confirmed height. Thank you!

      I know there's already a very awesome height chart-- but those are based off of information collected from the company websites. This is a list of confirmed heights.

      I'll add more companies and body types as needed.

      Little Fair Boy - 44cm​
      Jade - 41.5cm
      Ren - 43cm
      Little Fair Girl - 43cm​

      F-Nicety Boy
      F-Nicety Girl
      Vera - 43cm​

      Angel of Dream
      Boy - 46cm​
      Jing Ge - 45cm
      Wang Zi - 45.5cm
      An - 45cm
      Girl - 44cm​
      Rao - 43.5cm
      Fei - 43cm

      Boy - 42cm​
      Girl - 42cm​
      Sharon - 42cm​
      Hera - 43cm
      Hera - 41.6cm

      TinyFairy Boy - 44cm​
      TinyFairy Dandy Body Boy - 44cm​
      TinyFairy Girl - 43cm​
      TinyFairy Blossom Body Girl - 44cm​
      May - 41cm
      Jasmine 41cm

      Bobobie Boy - 44cm​
      Bobobie Girl - 43cm​
      Sprite - 42.5cm

      Custom House
      Junior Boy - 42cm​
      Little Junior Boy - 35cm​
      Jupiter - 37.5cm
      Junior Girl - 42cm​
      Little Junior Girl - 34cm​

      Doll in Mind
      Happy Boy - 42cm​
      Aleksei - 42cm​
      Happy Girl - 44cm​

      Doll Family
      Boy - 44.8cm​
      Zhouyu - 44.5cm​
      Girl - 44.8cm​

      Kid Dollmore Boy (Old)
      Kid Dollmore Boy - 43.5cm​
      Torrie - 43.5cm​
      Kid Dollmore Girl (Old)
      Kid Dollmore Girl - 43.5cm​

      Dollzone Boy (Old)
      Megi - 45.5cm
      Dollzone Boy - 45cm​
      Megi - 45.5cm
      Mowan - 45.5cm
      Dollzone Boy - Double Joint - 45cm​
      Dollzone Girl (Old) - 41cm​
      Dollzone Girl
      Felian - 44cm​
      Dollzone Girl - Double Joint - 44cm​

      D-1 42 Boy
      D-1 42 Girl
      Domuya Fay Jr. - 41.6 cm​

      Dream of Doll
      DoC Boy - 43cm​
      Tender Too - 41cm
      Too - 42cm
      Homme Kirill - 43cm​
      DoC New-Body (Long Leg) Boy - 45cm​
      Homme Kirill - 43cm
      Si - 44cm
      Wi - 43cm
      Homme Ivan - 43cm
      Dollzone XI - 43.5cm
      DoC New-Body 2 Boy - 45cm​
      DoC Girl - 41cm​
      DoC New-Body 2 Girl - 41cm​

      MiniFee A-line Boy - 42cm​
      Ruth - 41cm
      Boy (Head not Identified) - 41.2cm
      MiniFee B-line Boy - 42cm​
      Shiwoo Elf - 43cm
      MiniFee A-line Girl - 41cm​
      Lishe (Cutie Legs +1cm) - 40cm
      Shushu - 40cm
      Shushu (Model Legs) - 39cm
      Seorin (Cutie Legs +1cm) - 40cm
      Carl - 40.5cm
      MiniFee B-line Girl - 41cm​
      Shushu - 42cm

      JID Boy - 46cm​
      Ryan - 46cm​
      JID Girl - 43cm​
      Tatiana - 43cm
      Tania - 43cm​

      Girl - 43cm​
      Laidoll Lily - 43.5 cm

      Blue Boy - 46cm​
      Kahn-Mystic (A-Type) - 46cm
      Rei (A-Type) - 47cm
      Blue Girl - 43cm​

      Mono - 44.5cmcm​
      Mono - 44.5cm​
      ForYou - 43cm​

      Kid Delf Boy (Old) - 42.5cm​
      An - 42cm
      Ani - 42cm
      Kid Delf RealSkin Boy - 41cm​
      Bory - 40.5cm
      Kid Delf Girl (Old) - 42.5cm​
      Nara Elf (1007) - 42cm
      Kid Delf RealSkin Girl - 41cm​
      Aru - 41.5cm

      Narin Doll
      Boy - 43cm​
      Girl - 43cm​
      Narae - 43cm​

      Dae Boy - 40cm​
      Dae Girl - 40cm​
      Hong - 39cm

      ResinSoul Boy - 44cm​
      ResinSoul Girl - 43cm​
      Ju - 40cm
      Mei - [COLOR="Red]39.5cm[/COLOR][/INDENT][/INDENT]

      Soulkid Boy - 42cm​
      Soulkid Girl
      Soulkid New Girl - 42cm​

      Minisup Girl - 42.5 cm​
      Yan - 43cm

      Unoa Boy - 44cm​
      Unoa Girl
      Unoa Girl - 42cm​

      MSD Boy - 42.5cm​
      Schulze - 42.5cm
      Hewitt I - 42cm
      MSD Long-Leg Boy - 44cm​
      Hewitt II - 42/42.5cm
      MSD Girl
      Hisui - 41.5cm​
      MSD Long-Leg Girl
      MSD Suwarikko Girl

      Mod's Note 9/04/08..Changed Cerberus Project to LUTS/Cerberus Project to Fairyland​
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    2. Some companies switch to a new body and then the height of the doll changes. For example, I don't know about Dollzone boys, but I know the original Dollzone girls were about 41cm and then the girls were switched to a taller body and more head molds were released.

      Also - I notice the Luts-stated height for new-body Realskin Kid Delfs is less than the height of the Kid Delfs with old bodies. Realskin Kid Delfs are 41.0 cm tall and old body Kids are 42.5cm.

      So you may find some dolls that have more than one height.

      For the list -
      I measured Narindolls Narae and she is 43cm (same as she is stated to be).

      Also, it may be helpful if you could add a note or * or something to dolls you measure different from what the company states - we may get an idea of which companies do not state accurate heights for their dolls.

    3. I've put their "default" heights next to the body type, but unfortunately some of it is hard to find. Though I totally forgot that Dollzone had changed their bodies-- I'll go edit that into the list. (It's actually a little hard to find the default heights for some companies, too. Gah.) But other than that, I've been seperating them by Company, then Body Model, and finally Head Mold (since in the case of the LatiBlue Rei and Kahn, the longer head added height).

      One of the reasons why I made the thread was because I was very confused by the RealSkin Kid Delves being 41cm, since they don't really look that short when I see them in comparison photos. So like all the other dolls with updated bodies or option bodies, they have their own section too.

      Thanks so much for the contribution, too! I marked it with red font instead of an asterick to make it more obvious. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
    4. My MNF Shushu is 42cm o_0
    5. She grew a little while you were sleeping. :aheartbea

      (I think it's because the first MNFs were the rather flat-headed MNF Chiwoos and MNF Soos, so the newer dolls that have longer-faces get a little height boost in comparison to the first version's height measurements!)
    6. Gaa... I have been stalling on my chart because of conflicts with heights like this. So I'll stick with the company measurements with mine then but it's good to know the "real" measured heights.:thumbup

      here's what I got:

      DOD Homme Kirill 43cm (not sure if he is regular or Long legged there is much argument over this but the is on the non double jointed body)
      DIM Aleksei 42cm
      Volks Schulze 42.5 cm (this is the regular msd boy body not the long legged one)

      It's good to keep in mind too that different heads on the same body will sometimes vary the height slightly too. This will definitely be a helpful thing to those that the height matters to in comparison to their other dolls. I know it does to me :)
    7. Hewitt 2 is an MSD long leg boy. So he'd be the same height as any MSD long leg boy.
    8. Unless the body was somehow switched. And therein lies a problem as well that everyone takes measurements slightly differently. Like in THIS thread about DOC Kirill. I'm still not sure how tall a LL vs. regular boy is because peoples measurements clash. Some say the LL is 45 some measure 43. Very confusing.*_*

      edit- I so wish I could have gone to that meet XD
    9. BTW on Narindolls, the boy is Narin and the girl is Narae - they are slim nature minis.

    10. Marsh - The Hewitt II we have is definitely on the long-leg body, since we had it double-checked at the Volks store in Torrence-- in fact, it was triple checked because we were so confused by his 42/42.5cm height. There was quite a mess of dolls and doll parts on the table (and Bailey had to put them all away)! Is your Hewitt II a different height?

      The way I measure them is by unwigging and unshoeing them (sometimes even stripping them of all their clothes, just in case), straightening their legs, and by laying them flush to a metal straight-edge. Then I flatten them out entirely and make sure their torso-joint is straight, and then press their heel to the extension of the straight-edge. After that, I grab ANOTHER ruler, double-check their head position, and measure it again. And remeasure. I'll probably remeasure the Hewitt II when I get home, so that it won't be an iffy 42/42.5cm and something more definite.

      Nell - Very much so! Your chart is still super helpful, though. I use it a lot. This just more specific, just in case. 8D Thank you for the measurements, too. I'm going to put him under the long-leg body because that's what Dream of Doll says he's on.

      And it was a super cool meet! D,: Come to the Getty one?

      Carolyn.S - They were labelled as "Narin" and "Narae" at first, but I changed it because a few people have Narins on the girl body and there's a Narae butterfly boy. So instead of causing confusion on what's what, I opted for "Boy" and "Girl."
    11. that is a large difference. my DZ Mowan is 45.5cm tall.

      I have a picture of him next to a megi and they're exactly the same height. Next to a long legged DoC too he is still 1.5cm taller and about 3.5/4cm taller than a Bee-A
    12. I'll measure my DZ felian right now. Reserving the spot!!

      EDIT: Without shoes or wig she is definately 44cm tall!!
    13. Here is a side by side of a Latiblue and a DZ body.

      Looks like more then a 1 cm difference to me. The next time I strip them down I will measure the height. You want it done with the heads attached?
    14. My Hewitt 2 is a long leg boy. He's roughly a half centimeter taller than the standard leg boys I have. I've got several Volks MSD boys, some long leg, some short. The long leg boys are subtly, but noticably taller.

      I took this picture for another thread, but it's a good overview of some of the various mini doll sizes. From left we have:

      Lati Blue boy, Volks SDC boy, Volks MSD LL boy, Volks MSD LL Girl, Yo-Tenshi for scale comparison, Volks MSD Standard Leg boy, Volks MSD Standard Leg girl, Serendipity 14 Mini girl, Orientdoll Dae type, Custom House LJ

    15. My AOD Rao is 43.5 cm tall. Here is a picture of her standing next to my Kid Delf Ttori. Apologies for the white background.

    16. my msd hisui is 41.5 cm, no matter how many times i measure that is how she comes out. (new model, not first limited assembly kit)
    17. I know it's discussed in that Kirill height thread, but I'll restate it here as well. .^^

      My DOD Wi, and my friend's DOD Kirill are the same height and have the exact same body, and when I put them next to my ruler I get them measured at 43cm. Her DOD Too is noticibly shorter than both of them, and measures at closer to 42cm. So.. I have no idea what's going on. .^^;
    18. The Wi is a guardian boy, right? I'll add him to the list. I think... maybe sometimes the company just measures wrong? Or maybe they measured before they molded the doll, so they didn't bother remeasuring since the doll gets a smidge smaller? Thanks so much for the measurements! I'll add the Too and Wi (under the assumption that the Wi is a guardian boy).

      Marsh - Thanks so much for the chart! I've seen it in some other threads too, and it's very interesting to see.

      Edtel - I'm surprised at that, since they're so lanky looking. I would've never expected for her to be a little shorter!

      gypsie357 - Added it. I actually don't know what's the official height of a Volks MSD normal girl, so I just put that as normal for now.
    19. Great thread, never thought of variations in size before!
      No one has mentioned Supia yet. My Minisup Yan is 43cm if anyone wants to know. She fits pretty much the same as Narae and unoa with most clothing.
      I thought it interesting that it is measured in cm instead of inches. I think it is great as we are metric in Australia (and I am really bad at conversions!) but most things like this are in inches to cater for the broader U.S. market...
    20. aussie grrrl > is it? I think most companies puts it in cm too since they're asian countries : thus metric. I like using cms too since the scale is smaller than inches. Feels a bit more accurate to me.

      I'll add in my AR boy, Jade when I get back <3
      Will you want measurements of my DZ Xi on the DoC old LL body too chien?