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Mini Jointed hands

Nov 2, 2010

    1. I'm not sure if I put this in the right place so feel free to move. I put it here since it pertains to MSDs

      Does anyone know if there is a company that makes jointed hands for msd's? I've tried searching and can't seem to pull anything up.

      Any one know?

      .......Mod Note......

      This is a discussion thread for mini size jointed hands.
      Right now only DikaDoll makes them.

    2. DikaDoll is the only one I know of.
    3. Yeah, DikaDoll is the only one I know of as well, link here :)
    4. I have a MSD girl and saw some one with a doll that had jointed hands and would love a pair for my girl. Does anyone know where I can get some?

      Thanks so much.
    5. Their website is up and running today, I went and looked and they have all sorts of jointed hands listed. Although you need to pre order them. I have put a pair on my wishlist for my Emmaline.
    6. Doll Legend makes wonderful jointed hands. I have a pair.
    7. I have some of illusion spirit on my DZ MO:

    8. Doesn't doll chateau make some?
    9. [​IMG]

      I Have Two Dollzone MSD Jointed Hands That I Got The Last Time They Sold Them. There On My Resinsoul Boys But The Hands Are For Girls. The Girl Hands Fit Way Better Then The Boy Hands On My Guys.
    10. I haven't been able to figure out if the Doll Legend jointed hands will fit a Doll Leaves msd. Doll leaves seems to have rather clunky default boy's hands and I would really like my future boy to have jointed hands for photo purposes anyway, but if it doesn't fit there's little point!
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    11. I'm going to get an msd someday, and have been curious about this myself. I don't know what I would need them for, but I think they're really cool.
    12. I use Dika Doll female jointed hands on a Doll Leaves Wish and it works great. I have both in white skin and color wise it's a great match. The hands were shinier when new, but I blushed both them and the body anyway and the sealant makes it all matte anyway.
    13. I ended up getting a secondhand pair of Doll Family hands in normal pink! I get to pick them up today. I don't think I'll worry too much about resin match-when my boy arrives he'll mostly have very covering clothing.
    14. Reviving this thread. I'm looking for some very feminine/delicate MSD jointed hands. I've checked Alice's Collections and the "prettiest" ones are by Doll Legends, BUT, while the fingers are just right, the hands themselves are not up to par. Any other recommedations that aren't already on AC's site? Thanks!
    15. @Ballerina - what do you mean that the hands are not up to par? I had been considering some of these (short nail) for a DT Elf body. I have only heard great things about Doll Legend jointed hands.
    16. So, im thinking of getting a pair of Dika Doll jointed hands for my Minifee, has anyone tried this?
    17. @StellaMarigold I can see what Ballerina is saying....they probably look better in person, but the stock photos that I've seen are pretty bad. It looks like they took a lot of care on the fingers, and then just stuck them on a clay rectangle. On the website it appears there isn't really any sculpting detail - the bit of blushing below the knuckles seems to be the only detail given to the back of the hand. None of these pictures are especially flattering.
    18. @cupcakedolls - Thank you for your opinion! I actually ordered some, since I was really interested in the extra thumb joint, but I haven't received them yet. Since I want them for a youngish character, maybe the lack of detail on the backs of the hands will be okay. If not, I don't mind adding a little detail with sanding and carving.

      I'll post pictures in this thread whenever I receive them (it's been two months already, ugh!).

      Edited to add - perhaps I should mention that I was assuming that Ballerina was referring to the posing ability of the hands - that's why I was surprised, because I've heard great things about Doll Legend jointed hands and posing. It didn't occur to me that Ballerina might have meant the appearance of the hands until you alluded to appearance.
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    19. @StellaMarigold I hadn't thought about the hands being meant for a younger character! I forgot that msd are usually sculpted to be younger and softer looking, as I have been looking for my perfect mature looking doll lately. Definitely easier to sand out details than filling in, I would not have thought of that. Hopefully your pair will be here soon :)