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Mini May Limited Beauty White Pair

Aug 24, 2004

    1. People may know of this if they've visited the Blue Fairy site, but I don't see a mention of it here in the news yet:


      Click on the "Limited Edition" link to the left for info, pictures and order form.

      "50 limited pair sets of
      Beauty White Skin Mini May & Beauty White skin Sleeping Mini May"

      This is the direct link to the photos:

      These little ones have really grown on me!
    2. Thank you Deb !!!

      ROTFL !!!! :D :D :D

      I *LOVED* that last picture of them !!!!
      heee-heee so cute !
    3. I love their photography in general, they make the dolls look so appealing, and I'm sure they're just as nice in real life. But that bum pic really cracked me up! So cute :daisy
    4. They ARE super cute! :chibi
    5. That little butt picture was great. Hehe. I love these dollies. I wonder if they are going to come out with a mini Xiao! Oh I love her. She is the next mini I'm going to purchase. I hope that they come out with the pf Xiao so my TF Xiao can have a little sis.

    6. i was looking at the BF webby and looks like Yoko it's exactaly what you're looking for (as a Xiao fan myself, i have to agree that she looks like xiao o.o)

      sorry for my poor english +_='''''
    7. I think you're right about them being a close match, they are both cute and do look related. Yoko is my favourite PF :daisy

      I wonder how often they will do limiteds like this? A beauty white Yoko would be sweeeeet!!
    8. Yes I think you both are right. Unfortunately the Yokos are sold out. Wahhh! I will wait but I will probably purchase on of the Yokos when I can because she is just precious.

    9. Anyone know how tall the Pocket Fairy are? :? I think May is soooo cute :D I just need to get a new credit card to buy more dolls :oops:
    10. the PF are 14cm tall!! they are soo cute. i favor Choco however, but i love the boys!! :D

    11. thanks for sharing these, Deb ^-^. I like the Pocket Fairies in general, they remind me so much of manga/anime chibis, but MiniMay is definetely my favourite...