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Mini Pet Peeves!!!

Apr 20, 2010

    1. I love my MSD & I know you all love them too but for god sakes why do the companies make them look second class to the big "armed" boys & big boobed girls out there its sad!!! Most of the MSD outfits suck it you don't want to pay a freaking arm & lag for them. Ok ok don't get me wrong some of them are cute but its just not my taste, if they would just take some of thoughts cool SD or SD13 outfits and shrink them down a little it would be great. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
    2. I would have to say thats my biggest pet peeve as well. Most msds are meant to look like children or young teens which is unfortunate in my humble opinion. I prefer the msd size, but definitely want the adult look and defined facial features. The fact that most msds are supposed to be on the younger side also makes it harder to find clothing that looks adult. There are so many outfits I have seen for sd dolls that I gush over, but alas, they are not available in msd size :( I suppose in defense of clothing makers, msd size is more difficult to make because it is smaller, but I still think there should be a little more out there for the mature mini owners! Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.
    3. I've never struggled to find decent clothing for my mini's, all but one of which are adult characters! It's just a question of knowing where to look I think, and also having the patience to keep looking or commission someone to make the things you can't. My midgets are almost exclusively clothed by my own sewing and the lovely Brennil, because no one does in scale better than her and there's not a hint of childishness about any of her stuff.

      I've made it my mission to take the supposed "childish sculpts" and make them adults, so perhaps I'm just too stubborn to let the companies opinions on the sculpts I own force me to make them children. *shrug*
    4. I actually have a hard time finding clothing for MSDs that is a) cute, b) intended for a child, and c) not for a "slim" MSD. I find that the thinner MSDs are more prevalent, so there is more clothing available for them. I feel like whenever I see something that looks cute and great for my girl... it's sold out! @_@
    5. I have to agree, I find stuff for my slim mini's INCREDIBLY easily, yet my ONE child MSD is a royal pain to clothe!
    6. Dollmore Kid hips.. lmao.
      I find that some clothes from different companies only JUST fit over their bums lol
      But they still fit, just a bit of a job to get them on xD
    7. I think my main point is more directed to the mayor companies such as Volks, Luts, Fairy Land & so forth. I think us buyers of the the glorious mini's need to naw there ears off letting them know what some of use are really looking for.
    8. I love the sizing of my MSD girls. I also want my girls to look older, late teens to early 20s, rather than childlike. I'd love to see more MSD sizes produced with more graceful shaping in their wrists, knees and waists. I don't have so much trouble finding clothes for my girls because I sew for them. I do sometimes have trouble finding shoes that either don't look chunky and toddler like, or are the right style but just a bit too long. I don't want fashion-doll looks either, just more realistic styling for a mid-20s girl. I'd also like to see some more masculine mid-20s male faces! So many of the MSD boys look just that ... like boy toddlers. So I've not bought any boys cause they look more like baby-dolls than young men.
    9. Volks and Fairyland make plenty of nice outfits for mature MSDs, though. I don't mind paying a little more for something nice that fits-- this would be the same if I owned a doll in any size at all. I think mature minis are far more popular than the original minis these days anyway. I do think that scale is very difficult as you go smaller of course-- such as with bubbles or even just fabric. However, I just accept this as part of a small hobby centered around luxury goods. There are many artists who cater to the needs of people in this hobby so while there may sometimes be difficulty it's not impossible to find what you like. Beside, there are companies who don't make SDs (such as Bluefairy) or do but focus on the smaller lines more (Latidoll). Seems decently balanced to me. I think there's even been more MSD release from Dollmore than there have been SD releases too-- and that would go without saying when it comes to Fairyland, who concentrate heavily on their smaller dolls.
    10. I love the original minis the mature mini's remind me of barbie dolls not my thing. Im just bitching that if companies really want to make a killing they should make it all the same as fare as availability of "nice" clothing & what not for the smaller boys & girls. As far as the companies such as Bluefairy & Latidoll look too childish like five year olds or bobble head dolls (Latidoll) or arnt detailed enough for looking older more then Ten (Bluefairy )
    11. I started with SDs so when I got my first MSD, the smaller size threw me off. I love Milo, he's cute and fits perfectly in my bag, but geesh, he's so tiny.
      My pet peeve for MSDs isn't finding clothes for them, I don't find that painstakingly difficult. It's making them. It's already tricky enough for me to sew on SD scale. MSDs... eek. I can only imagine how people manage with tinies and 1/6 dolls. @__@
    12. Deffinately. For me its also vice versa.
    13. So obviously you've never shopped at Dollmore. They make so many of their clothes/outfits in 2 or 3 sizes each-- SD, MSD, & 70cm. I like this because you can do twin-dressups with your MSD & his SD13 brother. ^^

      Besides Dollmore: eBay. Nine9. DollHeart. Volks. DOA Marketplace. There are many many great 43cm outfits to be had out there. You will have to get over your hopes of finding really exquisite clothes for cheap, though. The good ones will not be cheap. You can also get tons of cheap MSD clothes, but they won't look good (which doesn't bother some people, power to 'em).

      I personally have no trouble finding killer clothes for my badass Volks SDCute Boys, even though they're a seriously odd size of tall mini.... But that's because I've been shopping for that size for about 5 years, & I know where to go! I would say just keep shopping & just keep scouting.
    14. I think you'll run into this issue with every size doll. It is always very difficult to find what you like. If you want cute SD clothes, you won't be able to find them, if you want cool MSD clothes, you won't be able to find them, if you want to find mature YoSD clothes, you won't be able to find them.

      Easily, that is. I see people with every size of doll say this same thing and after being involved with both MSDs and YoSDs I've noticed the same thing. What you want is never in the right size when you want it. You may find it before or after, but never right then.
    15. I gotta say that Dollmore makes an amazing array of outfits for MSD dolls! If you haven't checked them out yet, you need to! Over 35 pages with, what? 16 items per page! There is so much variety, that I've decided to get a Dollmore MSD size doll (as opposed to my slim minis) just so I can get anything I fancy and know it'll fit her!

      Of course, if you don't like any of their stuff.... then that's no help :P

      Skitsofrenika, Dollmore kids have big hips? Oh dear, probably why I like them so much... LOL

      I agree with you, Delphy, that the companies that actually make the dolls seem to have a piss poor selection of clothing!

      LauraJ, If you do your own sewing, you should definitely look at Iplehouse JID dolls! They're so much more chunky than other slim minis and too curvy to fit most MSD (non stretchy) clothes though lots of things have been found to fit. But as far as the sculpt goes, OMG, so realistic, I love them! You might like them too?

      Still, there are so many sources around now-a-days, it's amazing! I mean, I remember when...(LOL, I'm an old fart) you couldn't even buy ANY doll shoes that looked remotely realistic for even a large doll! Now we have amazing footware, I'm quite happy with what is out there, my only problem is money, LOL.
    16. I agree with Rikka_Mika. I don't know how new you are, but there are a great deal of shops out there that WILL makes things for your doll. Just keep looking. You'll find gems in the oddest places, and being that your girl is an actual Volks Mini Super Dolfie, that gives you a great advantage since the exact size is made by almost all clothing specialists. (DollHeart, Dolls of Paradise, etc.)

      Also, understand that everything you get is hand made, so the prices are justifiably high.

      I've been on the manhunt for cute and high quality Yo-SD and slim-mini scale clothing in yellow and gold. (Same character as a child and adult, and her favorite and signature color is yellow) It's been amazingly hard to find anything I like, especially in mini scale!

      I DID, however, find something perfect and adorable in pink and gold for my yo, so finding the right kind of thing wasn't impossible, just really damn hard!
    17. Hmmm....though I have some luck finding clothing I do have a hard time finding what I would consider 'preppy' clothing for my second boy. He need a more 'boy next door' kind of look.

      Dollmore clothing are great but alas they are more my first dolls style. He can wear hoodies and the more 'punkish' look they offer while I can hardly find anything there to fit my second boy.

      There are a few places that offer pieces and I've managed to scrounge together different items from different sites but its mostly through GO's as shipping that one item that I want out of 35 pages would be difficult to do on my own. (and expensive! @_@)

      I guess it's just the times and the clothing styles, but I would love to get more of that 'preppy' sorta 'Gap' inspired clothing ^_^
    18. I agree about finding non-punky clothes for boys being hard! It's hard to find just plain boy clothing like DC skater shoes and the hoodies that aren't checkered or dark striped colours! Some plain simple nice hoodies or even a bit more variety in plain Ts would do without having to commision a nice seamstress to do them. I've been forced commision my doll's clothes because I can't find anything like it in the store quality i want. If it's not commisioned it's girl hoodies/Shirts for my boy xP.
      Who knew a couple green, white, blue hoodies or V-necks could be so hard to find? xD
    19. This really is true, I think. Also, it's easy to say you can find X size clothing in Y style and show it to someone who says they're looking for just that thing... and it still isn't to their taste (just as a human being who likes a specific style won't like everything made in that style that fits them). A lot of it is just personal taste, and the specific details that people are picky about. For example, I have sometimes said that I have a hard time finging lolita dresses for my mini girl... it's not that they're not out there, there's tons of lolita dresses for dolls of just about every size, but since I actually wear lolita fashion myself I get a bit picky about details that are a bit off, or lace that looks low quality, etc. I also often see a great new outfit set that pops up when I've just bought a bunch of things and know I shouldn't be spending more money on hobbies at the moment, or a perfect pair of shoes that I don't want to pay $25 to ship alone but which sell out while I wait for the store to stock something else I want. Since doll companies and doll clothing companies are generally fairly small it's impossible for them to offer every style in every size all the time, and to cater to varying tastes even within those styles.
    20. When I was shopping for clothes for my MSD-sized girls I kept running into SD-sized dresses I wanted. Now that my MSDs have all the clothes they need and I'm looking for clothes for my two new SD girls, I find nothing but cute MSD clothes! What happened to all that nice SD stuff that was sitting around back when I didn't want it? XD

      I think whatever size you have, it seems like you can't find anything for.