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Mini-Size Foveo Dolls Discussion

Apr 28, 2016

    1. Can't seen to find a thread about Gella, so I thought I'd start one. Moderators, please feel free to delete this if I have made a mistake. :)

      I wasn't sure how many participated in the Gella release, but I would love to know if there are others!

      Her information is below:
      [Sold Out] ‘Gella’ Head Overseas Pre-Order


      Type : Gella
      Skin Color : Normal/White
      Head circumference : 6.8 inch
      Wig size: 6~7inch
      Eye size: 14mm
      Compatible size: 43cm size body
      (First) Order period
      April 15th ~ 21th(24:00) Standard Korean time

      And here is some compatibility information:
      ???? ȣȯ ????

      And, finally, a promotional photo from the website:

      I am wondering, if there are other Gella folk out there, what sort of body you were planning to use for her? I am not sure which direction I want to go. :)
      #1 wherethelilacsbloom, Apr 28, 2016
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    2. I ordered Gella! :D I fell so hard for her when I saw her pictures. I thought she was SD at first, but I love that she is MSD~ I knew I had to have her no matter her size. x'D

      I'm unsure which body to get for her.. maybe Luts or something similar? xD
    3. Yay! More Gella people! <3

      From what I understand, Foveo's resin matches Volks in color, right? However, Gella herself looks better proportion-wise on a less bulky body.

      I have been considering ordering a Xagadoll body for my Gella. They make a Volks "V" Normal skin. I am going to e-mail Clover Singing and ask if it matches Volks resin. :)
    4. Haha, yes, I hope that more people ordered her as well. ; v;

      Ooh, I see.. so Luts would probably not be a good match. x'D I wonder how she would look on an Unoa body. I really like the look of the Xagadoll body, too! I hope that it matches Volks. :D
    5. This is just my understanding about the resin color. Maybe I'll e-mail to confirm :o But yes, I do like the xaga 1/4 body. :D And apparently it poses really well, too!
    6. I considered ordering Gella but I spaced and missed her sales period. One minute she was available, the next I looked, she was gone! :...(

      I can't wait to see what you folks do with yours, though. :thumbup

      Xagadoll offers a NS-Yellow resin comparable to Volks, if I remember correctly. If you order from their store or via certain dealers (Jeeryama/Doll'sSinging/CloverSinging, for instance) you can request that color for 1/4 bodies.
    7. I just got an e-mail response. :)

      "Skin color can be matched to Volks NS :)
      I matched 2011 production of the Volks body.
      It was possible matches,
      but it has a little differences."

      So it looks like I'll probably be ordering a Xagadoll body in "V" Normal for my Gella girl. Will hopefully place that order next month.
    8. Oh, yay! I'm glad that she matches Volks. :D
    9. I might look for a Volks SDC body.. ~_~ Argh. I don't know which to choose! :P

      I am sure that Foveo will offer her again. :) I know they have offered Vincent a few times now.

      Foveo has opened up another overseas Pre-Order of Gella! :) If you missed her before, now is a great time to get her :)
      #9 wherethelilacsbloom, May 22, 2016
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    10. Thanks for posting this info! I doubt I'll be able to scrounge up the funds in time, but hopefully more people will order her so I can see lots of owner pictures! :D

      ETA: Do you happen to remember how much shipping cost? Thank you!!!
      #10 PeppermintPocky, Sep 23, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
    11. My invoice was as follows:

      Product : Gella HEAD x1 / Normal Skin
      ㆍPrice : $ 95.00 x1 = $ 95.00
      ㆍShipping fee : $27.60
      ㆍTotal price: $ 122.60

      Hope that helps! :)
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    12. Link
      Sorry for the size and pic in general orz But here is my Foveo Gella on a Luts Romantic KDF body ;v; The body is from 2012 and the match is actually pretty good!
      #12 poochiness, Nov 1, 2016
      Last edited: Nov 8, 2016
    13. Foveo is releasing "Midnight Gella" One-off on February 1! In the description it also says owner of this doll will get to meeting Midnight Gella before everyone else~ So it sounds like a sleeping Gella is in the works.

      Here's the English website: [상품명]

      Also, even though this is the "Gella" discussion, it seems Foveo is doing more work in the MSD line as she has created a body and release a standard girl Greta! :) Hope we can discuss her here too!

      I really wish I could afford the one-off but I'm not in a place to buy anything so expensive right now (too many incoming) but I love the thought of a sleeping Gella~ Anyone have an MSD Gella to post?
    14. I ordered a Gella head about 5 weeks ago and I am very excited about her! From the photos she looks so sad and moody, just my type hehe:) So no one else ordered her yet? Frankly a bit suprised that there is so little interest for these beautiful dolls.
    15. [​IMG]

      My Pie, I got her with the cat ears but I like them a lot more on my SD dolls instead. She fits standard MSD clothes pretty well, but her feet are pretty small, need to find her some nice shoes...
      #15 Melissa, Jan 19, 2020
      Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
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    16. I just saw the summer promotion and ordered a summer Nina :) She’s so cute and the tan looks lovely. Did anyone else fall for these girls? 4 days is super short notice for an order period so I guess there was an element of impulse too haha.
    17. I don't know how I stumbled upon these sweet dolls but I'm glad I did! Delma has stolen my heart and I'm hoping Foveo does another tan skin event. Would anyone that owns the Foveo MSD body be able to tell me if they have double jointed elbows and knees?
    18. They have double jointed elbows but only single knees, I think there may be another tan skin event too if I'm translating Foveo's latest blog right :)
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    19. @melodian-calling thank you so much! I ran over to their blog to check it out and it looks like you're right! It seems like they'll do both the tan and white skin again at the end of October or early November. So excited!
    20. More like late Nobember, but the preorder is here! I wanted to ask, does anyone here have pictures of Foveo tan? I wanted to see before I order ^^