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Mini sized coffins

Oct 24, 2007

    1. I know its awfully close to halloween, but I found a MSD sized coffin box at Target earlier this week. I was pretty excited....so excited I forgot to take before pictures..... but here's an after picture! and by after I mean after I turned it into a carrying case for my MSD....


      But! Its a black coffin box I think meant for outside so its kinda heavy duty, but at the same time cheap and pretty light considering. Its has silver rose designs raised up on the lid, but real easy to remove since they're glued on. A little paint, some hinges, a lock and handle, and one of her box pillows and some fabric and tada~!

      So anybody interested in buying a coffin go to Target and take $15!!

      I was back at Target to get candy for Trick or Treating and so I picked up a couple more if anybody is interested, but! here's a photo of a before:

    2. oh, wow, lookit the hinges, and the clasp, and HANDLE you added! gosh I'm really impressed!!!!!!!!!! how did you add those things? are they screwed on? wow!!

      I bought one, too, I have a little halloween display I gotta get pics of. I put my sleeping soony in it.
    3. You bought it at TARGET?!

      Why aren't OUR Target stores that trippy?!
    4. Those are the same coffins being talked about in the SD size too. I have one and they're pretty nice, you do need to put your own padding inside. If you can get a few for your friends do so, they've dissapeared a bit.

      The product name is tall coffin and they're in Halloween decor, just ask if they have any more in the back.
    5. Yeah, they're screwed on. I had to get really short screws, but I swung it around and it all holds well. I just went to the hardware store and looked in the drawer and door aisle for things that matched. I'm not very handy like that at all, but it was really easy.

      And to RiKkU_DA_THieF, I have to make another run there today and am gonna buy any more they have so if you want PM me and I'll let ya know if I got any extra. A couple friends want art cases out of them heehee.
    6. I'm off to look for hinges and handles for mine. I was wondering how to go about making a case out of it.