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Mini-sized dolls manufactured specifically with superior posing in mind.[List added!]

Jul 9, 2009

    1. So many dolls I see are made simply to look beautiful. Standard, static poses, a pretty face, and a pretty body. But I'd like to gather a list of all the 43cm and similar-sized dolls that are double-jointed in the limbs, triple-jointed in the torso, etc. Are there any other dolls for those of us who love minis, but want a doll that can actually pose like a human? I'm not specifically asking for pictures, so I figured this was the best-suited location for a thread like this.

      :] If anybody has any contributions, be they links to more posing pictures, more dolls to add to the list, or anything, PM me or post to this thread! Thanks!

      The list so far:

      Fairyland MNF
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2, 3

      Iplehouse JIDs
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Volks SDCs
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Dollzone Double-jointed Minis
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Alchemiclabo Unoa
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Dollstown 43cm 7 Years mini
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Shinydoll Fragille
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2, 3

      Ringdoll Ring Kid
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Souldoll Kid
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2

      Dream of Doll DOCs
      Company listing
      Posing examples: 1, 2
    2. Fairyland Minifees are known for the posability.
      I know Iplehouse JIDs have lots of joints around the butt area...
    3. I'm interested too!

      okay, msd from fairyland and iplehouse. anything else? I mean I thought there were hundreds of companies when I first got into this..now it seems like only a few. And most are similar enough to be called one type/style/maker. Joints I guess not much variation.
      But minifees don't pose like humans do because of the super high torso joint. the mobility body from iplehouse isn't my style. Stiff-looking and the too high placement of the chest torso piece.

      A lot of companies used peanuts joints, which are easy to sculpt but sometimes the cut on the limbs makes posing very unpleasing to look at. Some looks fine.. like the domuya.. dollzone.. dod....that's all comes to mind atm, though there are far more.

      apparently some single-jointed dolls pose better than double-jointed ones... @_@ go figure
    4. Ooooh, I'm interested too, can ya'all link the bodies you meantioned? The only body I ever saw that I found amazing was the Minifee A-line body, which I'm saving up for now... It's amazing, and I didn't have any idea Volks had something that moved well!!!

      Here is the Minifee link :D

      I wouldn't mind a less flexible boy body, but a girl who can arch her back and do a real back bend, well, that I can't resist!
    5. Actually I think I have seen some artist dolls that pose very human like.... however. Because of flexibility being a priority I don't think they can stand....

      I remember there being several threads about this probably in the Dolls part of BJDpedia...
    6. navci, are you talking about the artist made dolls that are on Y!J, the ones that look super cool? Someone made a box-opening on that.. and apparantly there was an discussion, but in the larger size section.
      also there are some selfmade bjds on youtube, though they're probably from the same artist.. kind of same style. Don't know their size.
    7. I think Dollzone MSDs pose pretty dang well. I've gottne my double jointed boy to do any number of very human looking poses. ^_^
    8. Continuing rishimsin's comment about the Dollzone minis, I actually just happened upon them myself and am totally floored, and I actually plan to purchase that body post-haste for my boy. Here's a link to Dollzone's product page about the body.
    9. Definitely the Unoas, I'd think. They may not be double jointed (I don't think?) but Araki's certainly put a lot of effort into hiding the joints and making them look as seamless as possible. This has been improved even moreso in the newer dolls, like the Zeros, but even the 2.0's were pretty revolutionary, I think. There are also the new Unoa minis, the Chibis.

      Cool thread idea! Maybe you could compile people's answers in your first post, for sake of ease as a reference thread? I wish someone would compile a list of double-jointed SD bodies! I always find myself thinking, "oh yeah, I forgot about that one!"
    10. For posing, in mini size, the best I've seen are the A-line minifees, and their joints look the most natural when bent, to me anyway. The Dollzone double jointed minis also are amazing posers, I have one. They do have the squared-off elbow and knee thing when the limbs are bent, however. I don't think any doll is going to look totally human and natural when naked, but clothed many of them pull off quite human-like poses.
    11. Supias are also sweet posers, even though single jointed. I've only seen photos so far, but I'm going to see how this works in practice in a week or two.
      And Supia has announced that the new body is soon to come, more flexible than before (double joints and a three part torso, maybe?). I'm really looking forward to that one )

      But from all the minis I've seen, the MNF A-line is definitely the best.
    12. I just got my JID girl (Iplehouse) and she is a very good poser! It's amazing how much more poseability they can achieve with all the different joints. And she has loads of them! Of course, she does look a little weird all nekkid during some of the poses, but with clothes on you can't tell ;) I love her poseability!
    13. I've added a list to the first post. :]
    14. I haven't seen anyone with one yet, so I don't really know how well they pose...But cherish doll msds have double joints.
    15. Um, I think with the way this is going, any mini doll will end up being added on to the list.

      For example, I for one have heard (and experienced) that the Unoas have limited posing abilities precisely because some of it was sacrificed for aesthetics. Having played with an L-bi and a Sist, (on boy and girl body, respectively), I can say I wasn't too impressed with their posing ability. I mean, it was good, but nothing spectacular. Definitely would be a body I'd list as having aesthetics taking priority over posing. (It is pretty)

      Also, the Lati Blue boy body has double joints in elbows and knees, along with a thigh joint, which makes their limbs really flexible, but their waist joint is almost useless. I'm sure there are ways/remedies for that, but that *waist joint really lowers posing abilities, even though everything else can tie itself in a knot. Also another beautiful body.

      The one I'd like to recommend is new KDF body. They don't have double-jointed knees (but the elbows are), however their jointing is very good, and more importantly, the doll itself is very well-balanced in its engineering. It can do some amazing poses (I've seen one doing a hand-stand unsupported) because of this balance, which is sometimes even more important than joint range. It's as if it automatically bends to compensate for the weight distribution, like a real human body.
    16. Lelite, there are definitely many mini-sized dolls that would have no part on this list, like dolls with much simpler jointing like the Volks MSDs. In terms of more-than-average posing ability, I think the Unoas definitely apply due to their double-jointed elbows and the design of their torso joint. My Unoa can do all sorts of poses that previous minis of mine could not. I won't add the Lati blue boys specifically because of what you mentioned. While they do have a few double joints, their posing is still quite far from 'human'.

      And on your reccomendation, I do agree, the new KDF body is quite great posing-wise. I got the opportunity to play with one, and he was amazing.
    17. Hmm, well, maybe they were strung too tight or something, or maybe it was an older body version (is there such a thing?), but I didn't think the Unoas were any better at posing than a Volks MSD boy that was there the same day. Admittedly, I didn't spend too much time with the Volks boy.

      A description of the Unoa that I've heard that I agree with is that they have limited posing, bit whatever they can do is done very gracefully. If that's what you meant, I don't think it's so much posing as it is careful engineering(like the KDF), for which number of joints is not necessarily an indication (see Lati body. Ton of joints, but limited mobility (although admittedly it's like it's a proud body. It likes to stand straight and look gorgeous, and leave curling up on the ground to those other ones)).

      I think, for the most part, almost all dolls (except for a few artist ones) are made with aesthetics first, with posing abilities as a nice bonus. I mean, even the MNF's active line sacrifices some mobility in favour of appearance - comparing them to some of the artist dolls, who have superb mobility but scary-looking jointing, shows that.
    18. Wow, this thread is turning into an awesome resource, thanks for starting it! I discovered a new body I really like, the Iplehouse boy body. I like the way it moves, but I especially like the chunkyness! Not so thin or overly muscular. I'll have to save up for that one! And maybe consider getting a "male" head with the A-line body that I'm buying for my DES :D. Gotta wait 'till the 20th, as I want to see what the event will be :D

      Anyone know if the resin matches between Iplehouse and Fairyland?
    19. I believe that the resin the Iplehouse minis are made of is a different translucency than the Fairyland resin. Don't quote me on it though.
    20. Aww, that's too bad, but after researching, I see that they're also much larger dolls, so the heads would undoubtedly look strange :P On a happy note, their sculpts are very nice as well :D