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Mini-sized furniture and props discussion

Mar 27, 2005

    1. I was out shopping today, and I saw a bed that should fit a smaller MSD-sized doll. (Perhaps a Dream of Doll, or Unoa. It might be too small for a bigger one, like Mini Super Dollfie.)
      It's a Groovy Girls bunk bed - though it can be taken apart, to use as two beds. It's $24.
      They also have chairs and such; very girly, though. [/url]

      ......Mod Note.........

      This is a discussion for Furniture and props that work with Mini size dolls. 1/4 scale.

      American Girl

      Our Generation at Target stores

      Hobby Lobby

      Ross (jewelry box chairs)

      Search on web for (jewelry box chairs) double check measurements

      AC Moore


      Links to Gallery Doll Furniture photos:
    2. (I feel like I'm on an infomercial!)

      My mom just recently bought me a 46cm doll futon from the brand "Our Generation". Unfortunately for us, they are the typical baby style, pudgy type doll, which will not accomidate clothes for our dolls. However, this furniture is made for 46cm dolls, which includes MSDs!

      My futon has a wooden planked frame with a long, foam cushion with a light-blue flannel-ish cover. The futon has three sections with 2 joints that can fold into a chair, a recliner (that is, a longer flat end and a propped up short end), and a full length bed. My long legged DOD U Marius fits very well in each position, and he looks really comfy in it. The foam cushoin is attached to the frame with sewn in ribbons, and there is some velcro to keep the cushion folded in the chair position.

      My mom (who went and bought this on her own) also says that there is a chair you can buy that is pink and sortof upholstered look and asymmetrical funky-ish look. I don't think it does anything except being a chair.

      Due to the nature of the futon, you can probably create some easy sew covers for the cushion to accomidate your doll's style and stuff. I think it would be fun to make blankets and sheets for it, and it looks fairly portable.

      As far as where to find it, my mom bought it at our local Target store, but seeing it's a generic american doll thing, you might be able to find it at somewhere like wal-mart.

      Maybe this should be an opportunity for other DOA people to post what they've found on store shelves that could work as furniture for your dolls!
    3. We have the futon and the blue chair, they both fit our ARs great. Also the Our Generation Tents and Sleeping Bags are really cute for minis, we're taking them on vacation so the kids will have their own space in the cabin during our week in the mountains. And great prices, too. We got them at Target.
    4. There are some chair shaped jewlery boxes near the jewelry gift department at Wal-mart that seem to be a good size for MSD size dollies
    5. The Our Generation stuff is only available at Target, I believe. I'm smack dab in the middle of three Wal-Mart's, two K-Marts, and a Target and the only place that carries OG stuff is Target. They've been coming out with some new stuff lately and I miss their old furniture - I have a BEAUTIFUL OG Canopy bed, it's blue PVC piping with a base and came with a mattress and a bunch of other stuff. They have them on ebay occassionally, (they come in blue and pink) as well as a 'funky bed' that has a neat swirly headboard and footboard.
    6. Here's a tip for everyone about great furniture. Do you have a Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall's near you? Go and go every week. In the home sections or the pet bed sections, you will find much of the pricey doll furniture shown on EBAY for 12.99 -20.00. These stores often get old stock of 30-60 dollar doll furniture and put in the housewares. DON"T look in the toy sections, it's not there.
    7. I've been buying American Girl and Our Generation props for a while. Springfield Collection also has stuff for 18" dolls (beds, tables) that is pretty good too. Pretty much I surf the doll furniture section of eBay (because I only have a Wal-Mart that SUCKS and absolutely nothing else here that sells these kinds of things where I live). I bought a Magic Attic sleeping bag as well as an American Girl sleeping bag, an OG tent, Springfield rope bed and a rolltop desk (made to look like Addy's? desk). Don't even get me started on chairs... I'd love to get one of those OG chairs (the blue one looks cool).

      I love props... :D
      However, my pocketbook doesn't like me. :oops:

      Loki's Mom
    8. I bought the chair in this photostory ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54938 ) at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 its nothing fancy but it works. There was a slightly bigger one there as well for $4.99, I got the smaller b/c her feet touch the ground in it but the larger one could look like a pappizan chair possibly. My plan was to take Erianthe to craft stores and see what I could find for her.
    9. Okay, I found my camera and uploaded some pictures of Phaedren's living room, one with him in it, just for scale. If you want to see more, then feel free to ask.
      (This is Phae's premiere on DoA, and it isn't even about him, it's about his living room #_#)


      Okay, so this is Phaedren in his living room. Obviously the whole shelf is much too small, but I had to make do with what I had. The beanbag chair is from another DoA member, I won it from her at a Michigan meetup. Same with the nick-knacks on the wall, actually. But the table, lamps, clock (which is accurate, and incredibly loud) storage boxes and floor tiles are all from Dollarama. Oh, and so's the little rose thingy on his table.


      Okay, this shot is so you can see what I'm using for floor tiles. Those really funky coasters you can buy, four for a dollar? Yeah. Those make really wicked tiling for doll environments.

      raydance, Dollarama is a dollar store in Canada. I don't know if they have them in the states or not though. But, if you see anything that you like in Phaedren's home, and you want something like it, I'm sure I or another Canadian doll owner could help you get them. But really, you can probably find what you're looking for out there.

      Hope this helps everyone!

      ETA: *waves to mystic-rush* I will say that this particular Dollarama that I found was absolutely chock full of amazing Doll-stuff, for MSD and SD sized dolls. My girlfriend Enchantress was with me, and we had her AR Cien and CP El with her, so it was neat sizing them all up. I mean, if I wanted to, I probably could have bought Phaedren a pool table and what have you.

      ...actually, come to think of it, it was at Dollarama that I got him his teddy bear, his belts and his bracelets, too. Maybe I should get some photos of all those, too.

    10. I have quie a few items from American Girl (I used to collect them a couple years ago). Most items make good props, however, since American Girls are much more wide, some of the tables look quite large. o.o
    11. I was at Ross the other day. They has several nice chaise lounges, sofas, and big chairs for the larger bjds. Some were on clearance, with prices ranging from $9-20. I really liked them but felt they would overpower minis, due to their size.

      I did find these wooden Adirondack chairs for $5. (4 different color choices) I really like the idea of my bjds sitting around when I am at work, rather then leave them standing for the cat to knock over!:evil: The dolls fit these quite well.

      If you live near a Ross, you might want to check them out!

    12. I have seen some mini chairs at Ross. Also, if you have a Walmart, they usually have chairs for minis...they're jewelry boxes!
    13. I have two overstuff chairs and a couch that I bought at Ross. Since my SD size doll is an adult and my mini's are children, I like the big chairs cause they are the right porportions for real children. Lilly has a little plastic chair and table that was in a kelly set. Metel will need her own chair for her adult self, maybe a b@rbie chair. I will have to wait and see on Liebchen as she is supposed to be 12 or so. My Ross is always sold out these days. They have had the same stock for 2 months.
    14. I recently made a run to the Ross in Savannah, and I found an absolute smorgasbord of doll chairs. :D There were four different types of chair/sofa there. One was the aforementioned adirondack chair, which I picked up in green (they also came in two shades of blue and... pink, I think?) for a paltry $5. It seemed to me to be right in between MSD and SD scale, but it's great for my boys. There were also overstuffed upholstered chairs and couches in matching fabrics, but I didn't get those because I didn't like the "upholstery." >P

      Last but not least was the greatest chair EVER. It was sitting over in clearance with an $8 price tag on it, and it was a SHOE. A SHOE!!!!!! :D
      It looks just like that, only the entire thing is leopard print. And it is the absolute PERFECT scale for MSDs. ^^ My AR P-Ren is in it right now, so as soon as I find my camera I'll take pictures. It's ADORABLE, and soooo worth a measly $8. :D I looked for more, but that was the only one I found. ;_; But still. It is excellent. ^^ If you live anywhere near a Ross, go now, and look for one of those. :hamster:

      Picture taken from some totally random site that sells human-sized shoe chairs. XD
    15. Niteshadepromise- I would have been very shocked if someone told me AG clothes would fit ^_- Those dolls are so thick and blocky. I'm happy to hear that Magic Attic clothes fit though! I actually have a Magic Attic girl and a few of the outfits that are pretty cool and I was hoping they'd come in handy ^_^ I wondered about the Build-A-Bear stuff too. My little sister has gobs of clothes and furniture for those things. *will be stealing* So thanks for the info!

      kasaviel- American Girl has some awesome furniture, in my opinion- especially their canopy beds. I'm just scared that with an MSD on them, it might have that "little kid in adult's furniture" look, and I want my MSD's to have a more mature look so I worry about that. Here's a link to all their bedroom stuff if you haven't already seen it: http://store.americangirl.com/pls/ag/AG_pagethumb?catid=375922
    16. I have AG size chairs and a hammock (which I don't think is available anymore). They fit the MSD's perfectly!!
    17. some of the stuff it varies. Although most of the stuff works best with SD sized dolls, the food works great with MSDs. I have a ton of AG stuff. My girls use the AG pets as pets. It just depends.

    18. I don't actually own an AG bed, but comparing my DOD to one of my AG girls, I think the scale would be fine. His feet dangle just slightly off the ground when using their chairs, but it's kind of cute. XD;
    19. My boy has an AG bed--Or rather, it's not AG brand but was made for them. It fits him perfectly! Really looks great. Basically, furniture for AG is great for minis, and the props and such are perfect for all sizes (unless you intend your minis to be adults, in which case things start to seem clunky and big)
    20. Well, still, the furniture is great ^_^
      I dug up a photo of Al and his bed for you, if you'd like to make sure the size will suit. It's a slightly akward photo, but it's the best long shot I could find for scale: