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Mini Tan Elves and Centaurs, Anyone?

Nov 3, 2010

    1. I bumped a thread for tanned elves, but it was for SD-sized dolls. Does anyone know of companies that make (non-limited) MSD-sized tan elves? Usually I find either tan or elves, but not both. *_*

      Also, what about mini centaurs? I know Soom has centaurs, but they're large and tiny. Any companies/makers of mini centaurs? :?

      Please and thank you, DOA! :D
    2. Bobobie makes a tan resin (two, actually, light tan which is a coffee like colour and dark tan which is more like chocolate) and has MSD sized elves, have you considered them?
    3. You can get Dikadoll Rena in tan. And i was going to mention the Resinsoul elves too, yes. ^.^;
    4. Thanks, @nashira and @Sword! I didn't know those companies had tan elves, will check them out now! :)
    5. I have a BBB/Resinsoul tan elf (Fei) and she's lovely--they're very sweet dolls. 5Stardoll also makes a pretty tan, and they have MSD elves.
      I don't think there have been any MSD centaurs yet, though a few companies make hooved MSDs (Soom Aphan, Angelheim Luka the Pan, who isn't limited). And I have heard that Resinsoul will be releasing a new hooved MSD sculpt for the holidays.