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Mini versus and Slim Mini

Sep 15, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a thread for this, but if I overlooked one, please link me and close this. :sweat

      What's the difference between an MSD and an MSD slim? What constitutes a doll being slim or not? Is there a list of companies whose mini dolls are of the slim kind?

      What about clothing? Is it harder to find clothing for MSD slim dolls, or can they wear MSD clothes well?

      I'm looking to get a Fairyland Minifee, and I read somewhere that they counted as slim. Please enlighten me on the differences between a regular mini and a slim one! Pictures comparing the two would be great. Thanks!
    2. i can only help you showing a picture of my MSDs.
      i own a Chic line rou, that's a very particular small MSD slim, and a soom Aphan:
      as far as i know, MSD slim are mostly mature looking (at least the body), and normal MSD are usually more chubby and childish look.

    3. The examle Tosh posted is a bit extreme, because the doll on the left has fashion doll proportions (Tonner etc) and is even slimmer than a slim MSD ;)
      But in general the regular MSD's are volks, dollmore and other companies with more chubby dolls. Slim MSD's are Unoa, Minifee, Chicline, Resinsoul and more. They usually have a more mature shape.
      It can be hard to find clothes for slim MSD, because in general clothes are made for the chubbier ones, but in the marketplace there's a lot of people that handmake clothes for Unoa and Minifee.
    4. Thanks, guys! :)

      Minifee Miyu would've been so perfect for a particular character, but I fear that her body would look too mature next to her more childish looking older and younger siblings. ^^; Haha!
    5. Well, if you are concerned about that, you can always think about making a hybrid :)
      You could put her head on a different body. Everythin's possible in this hobby ;)
    6. But huhu, the A line bodies are such amazing posers! *O*

      Would there happen to be a list of companies that have slim MSDs? How can one tell if the MSDs will be slim or regular sized?

      (And on a more personal note, are the Bambicrony girls slim or regular? O:)
    7. If I'm not wrong, I think the Angel of Dream girls are also MSD Slim... It's possible the Slim dolls will have more 'developed' bodies and have curvier (hourglass?) shapes. my Jade is an AOD Rao and she's definitely not childlike or chubby

    8. Well, I looked on your Flickr account, and personally I don't think she'd look that odd with your younger and older looking dolls. But that's just me ;)
      And yes, the body is amazing xD
      I'm not sure about a list, or about bambicrony, but slim MSD's are usually shorter than the regular MSD's (so they;re closer to 40cm than 45cm in general) and they tipically have smaller feet (companies like resinsoul, bobobie and Fairyland have 5,5cm feet while Dollmore for instance have feet that are a cm larger). Slim MSD's are also usually more mature looking, with more curves.
      Also, I think Souldoll have Slim MSD's.
    9. I don't think anybody has mentioned Naraes yet, they are definitely slim. School of Dolls are super skinny. I guess PlanetDolls also count in the thin category, although they have fairly childlike face sculpts. The Iplehouse JIDs are a category of their own, as they are rather mature looking, but by far the stockiest MSD sized dolls. Dollstown minis are quite thin proportionally, but a bit taller than most MSDs, and won't look too good as the sister of a Unoa or Narae.

      Volks MSDs, Luts Kid Delf, and Leekeworld M real body are typical "classic" childlike dolls.
    10. Basically, I can tell whether a doll is a "slim" MSD based on their measurements. I've got a list of measurements for my dolls and I've been looking for a slim mini to wear some of my Ellowyne clothing so I've been comparing measurements. I have a Soulkid on the double jointed body which is not considered a slim mini. The Bambicrony MSDs are even wider in the waist than my Soulkid and the rest of the proportions are basically the same so they wouldn't be considered a slim MSD.

      I also noticed that the Island doll MSD is very slim. Also, Dollzone MSDs are slimmer than Unoa and Narae. They might work for you because a lot of their molds/faces look more child-like.

      It would be easier if there was a list, but unfortunately, I'm not sure how long it would be accurate. For example, Souldoll added a new general body and it is slimmer than my double jointed body so whether a Soulkid is considered slim or not depends on which body you are talking about.
    11. I know Peaks Woods SD are considered slim but I think their MSD might be, too
    12. Unless it comes to AOD... Their Slim MSD girls are around 43 to 44cm, and Jade is quite taller than my DOD MSD boy though to be fair he's on the old DOD boy body. Her feet are also longer, though his are broader.
    13. I agree with this, except for the newer Luts Kid Delf bodies - they are much smaller than the original Kid Delf bodies.
    14. I've been having issues with the definitions of "slim minis" I've seen bandied around. For my two cents, I have a DZ mini, a Kid Delf, and a Minifee, all boys. Now DZ and MNF are more adult-proportioned and KDF is more childlike. If we define "slim mini" as just that, mini dolls that are slimmer/skinnier than others, then half of this thread is irrelevant. My DZ is the thickest (4.5 inch thighs), next is MNF (4.25 inch thighs) and smallest is my KDF (4 inch thighs). I think if we define "slim mini" as more adult-proportioned minis, then there needs to be a new name, because it's rather confusing as-is.
      I've heard it said that DZs aren't slim minis while MNF are, and neither are KDFs. But my KDF is so little compared to the other two O_o And the MNF is only slightly slimmer than DZ.
      So color me confused, but there's my take on this. If someone has a definite answer/proposal, by all means share. I've yet to see a concrete definition of the term, though...Perhaps when we find one we can make a list of all the minis deemed "slim"?
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    15. Nyco, I have always heard/considered slim minis to be those who have smaller measurements than other minis such as Volks. Those measurements would be in the breast, waist, and hip areas. Souldoll double bodies, for example, are wider in the hip/rear, waist, and breast areas when compared to say an Unoa so they wouldn't be considered slim. Basically, in order for a doll to be considered slim, it must have smaller measurements in those major areas compared to most MSDs regardless of whether the body is more mature or adult. While the measurements aren't the same always, you can see a general trend if you look at the various measurements of MSDs. This is coming from a seamstress and basically whenever I have heard the term used, it is being used in terms of clothing sizes.

      I do not have a DZ, but I have had an owner tell me that their Shoyo is considered a slim mini since the measurements are smaller than Narae and some slim mini clothing is too large on her doll.
    16. Ok, so I've found an outfit that is SCREAMING my character's name. I've been arguing with myself back and forth for months now trying to decide what mold (& what size!) doll would be perfect for her, but finding this outfit - it has decided what size she needs to be for me! It's listed as fit for slim msd such as kim lasher dolls & even the OT kish bjds. Anyone know any companies with childlike bodies in this size range? Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!
    17. Well, there's Fairyland, for one! I know their Minifee are considered slim. :) And whoever is mentioned above is considered slim as well, I figure.

      Does anyone know if Elfdoll Lovelydolls are considered slim? :?
    18. Im pretty sure they are
    19. My Resinsoul Li is considered a slim mini, but instead of being a more "mature" body, hers is a smaller bust "immature" body. Which is kinda funny because her face looks more grown up than some MSD's i've seen.
    20. I assume Doll-Leaves are slim too then? it sounds like they're a little smaller than Minifee?