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Miniature scales eg 1/6

Jan 8, 2011

    1. I'm interested to know how the miniature scales work. I presume that say 1/6 size is 1/6th of actual size? What confuses me is that I think I've heard both Yo-SD sized dolls and Barbie/Pullip sized dolls being referred to as being 1/6 scale, and I think they are fairly close in size, but Yo-SD dolls are a lot younger than Barbie/Pullip. I'd guess they'd be close to Barbie's little sister Kelly's age, and yet they are alot bigger than her. So a Yo-SD sized crib should be a lot bigger than a Barbie-sized crib, so shouldn't all Yo-SD accessories be larger sized than Barbie's: as you'd expect every day items to be larger for a baby than an adult.

      What scales are Pukifee sized dolls? And Pukipukis?

      Thanks! I hope my question makes sense!
    2. Pukipuki uses 1/12 scale accessories or 6 inch scale but be careful with scale stuff you have to assume that the doll is the equivalent of the adult in that size not the age they appear to be.

      1/6 barbie bags and furniture to a yo would fit as if they are the adult of that size. So barbie crib would not fit a yo but a barbie bed would. barbie stuff is usually called playscale

      Scale is usually referring to the size of the full size iTem. 1/12 doll piano is 1 unit of measurement used to 12 units of the original.
    3. 1/6 size in BJDs ranges from 10-12", as it's roughly 1/6 of average human height. 1/6 *scale* is different...Yos are 1/6 size but not 1/6 scale. Scale would indicate that all of the pertinent measurements are reduced to 1/6 size, which isn't the case for Yos. Barbie would be both, as she is (theoretically) the proportionate size of a human reduced to 1/6 of normal size, as the average height for a human female is around 65" and they're 11". Yos are designed to be children in a roughly 1/3 scale SD/BJD world, so they are designed and sized as children are to adults...more of a 1/3 scale to an actual 4-6 aged child....even though technically they are 1/6 height. If you want accessories to be scale and make them look more like small children, use standard 1/3 scale SD sized items. However, when looking for accessories that will actually fit them, you look for 1/6 size, just as you would buy smaller items for children.

      Yes, Barbie accessories look small in the hands of a Yo, but they definitely work. Not everyone's Yo is a baby, and sometimes the accessories are to look like toys for the Yos or to fit the Yo's size more (like with chairs). A 4-5 year old would look tiny on an adult bike, but there are smaller bikes for them to ride that fit them. Similarly, a Yo would look tiny on an 1/3 scale SD sized cycle, but a 1/6 scale cycle would fit them.

      Pukifees are 16cm, or about 6". Probably 1/10 size? Pukis are 1/12 size at just over 4". This is size, not scale. 1/12" scale dolls would be like Elfdoll Tinys or Moona, and 1/10 probably more like Roxy Lucy or the new Inkling doll. Similar height, but thinner and with similar proportions to a human adult.

      Clear as mud?
    4. Cloxchette: better explanation than mine
    5. LOL...I just have more practice. I get the fun job of explaining this concept to my students each year when we cover ratio and proportion.
    6. Thanks both of you for the wonderful explanations! It makes a lot more sense now :-)
    7. Clochette, I like your comments about size vs. scale - that makes a lot of sense!