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Minifee Active line Body + DIM Ace head?

Nov 9, 2008

    1. Does anyone have any ideas on of these two will work together? Anyone have any pictures of a DIM Happy head on a Minifee Active Line Body?

      Minifee Active Line (body)

      DIM Happy - Ace (head)

      I want to get a boy and girl doll... and REALLY like the active line Minifee bodies, but I love the DIM Edmon head..... too bad he is SD. Ace is an SD size and he is pretty similar to Edmon.

      So any help would be GREATLY appreciated ^_^ :)
    2. yep. also interested
    3. I'm interested in this too.... Though there is a good 5cm height difference (...from what I can tell from the site) so I don't know if they Ace head would look too big... I know from user pics on here that it is a larger MSD head. But Minifees tend to have larger heads too...

      Hmm. But I plan on getting a DIM Ace, and a Minifee Active Line Ruth this year, so I'll be curious to see this for myself in a few months...
    4. Ace has a BIG head even compared with DOCs ... I have an Ani (KDF) and I personally think her head is a bit too big for a MNF body (but I want one for her anyway)....and I know DIM Ace has a head much bigger than her....so it wouldn't swork anyway TT...and DIM/MNF resin color is too different too oo/