Minifee Body Comparison?

Aug 2, 2017

    1. Hey, I'm looking for a body for my MNF Yder, & I was wondering if this one from Doll-zone would be the right size

      Doll-zone body
      -Height: 44cm (with head on)
      -Neck: 6.5cm
      -Shoulder Width: 7.5cm
      -Arm Length: 13cm
      -Chest: 17cm
      -Waist: 15cm
      -Hips: 20cm
      -Leg Length: 22.5cm
      -Thigh Width: 11.8cm
      -Foot Length: 5.5cm

      Mnf body (male moe line)
      Height (Cm/Inch)
      Neck circumference (Cm/Inch)
      Shoulder width (Cm/Inch)
      Shoulder to wrist (Cm/Inch)
      Elbow to wrist (Cm/Inch)
      Length of back (Cm/Inch)
      Chest circumference (Cm/Inch)
      Waist circumference (Cm/Inch)
      Hip circumference (Cm/Inch)
      Hip to knee (Cm/Inch)
      Knee to ankle (Cm/Inch)
      Ankle circumference (Cm/Inch)
      Feet size (Cm/Inch)

      I don't own any minifee bodies, so I'm really not sure. The DZ one is a little nicer on my wallet and I wouldn't have to worry about rehoming a floating head.
    2. By "right size" I'm assuming you mean the proportions, right? Because the Dollzone and MNF Moe are within the same scale, but you might have trouble fitting Moe line clothes on a taller body like Dollzone. I do not have any pictures myself, but I have seen a hybrid before (Withdoll body with similar measurements to DZ) and it'll boil down to your aesthetic preferences. In my opinion, Minifee heads are a tad too big for the FL bodies, so a taller one looks more within a realistic proportion. I prefer it.

      I'm not too familiar with Yder, but if the neck hole is designed with the key mechanism, keep in mind you'll need to work your way around that on a different body. It's possible, but it's an extra step that you'll have to take into account if so. But yes, it should look fine. Just know a Moe body is really petite so aesthetically it's a different flavor.
    3. I'm not sure what gender I want my Yder to be so I was trying to aim for an androgynous look. the dz body had a softer look to it- not as lean with wider hips. I really didn't know about the neck thing though.... ugh, why must they be difficult?

      His head just shipped today. I can't really look at his neck til he gets here.