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MiniFee Launching Event at FairyLand website (Jan 25 ~ Feb 29)

Jan 24, 2008

    1. MiniFee Launching Event has now ended.

      Please refer to the new MiniFee Mini Event thread HERE

      Dear customers,

      Hello this is FairyLand!

      We are happy to announce that MiniFee will be available at FairyLand Shopping Mall website from today.

      There will be an event to celebrate the launching of MiniFee and we will apprciate all the support and interest from MiniFee fans around the world.


      from Jan 25 ~ Feb 29

      1. MiniFee Special price is lowered from $380* to $343.

      2. Free pair of hands for MiniFee will be given out. This is a new type of hands, not from previous MiniFee.
      For MiniFee Girl type - Soo Dark Elf hands (MiniFee version)
      For MiniFee Boy type - Chiwoo Special hands (MiniFee version)

      Photographs will be updated when ready.

      Please note that default makeup for MiniFee is same as promotional photograph.
      Custom makeup is not available and we apologize for the inconveniences.

      We are also preparing for more updates for pukipuki, and we ask for your support.

      Thank you!

      * $380 had been the pricing of MiniFee Special at Luts. Now regular version of MiniFee is $343, and you may add sleeping head for extra $27.


      Sale of MiniFee will start from January 25, 5 PM (Korean time) at FairyLand website http://dollfairyland.com/

      MiniFee dolls will be available first, and MiniFee parts and accessories are going to be updated continuously in near future.
    2. Are there any pictures of the new MiniFee hands?
    3. They are still being manufactured - photos will be updated as soon as possible.

      FairyLand website now has a new domain http://dollfairyland.com/

      Old domain is still accessable but the new domain should be easier to remember :)
    4. Liria, I had one question,

      when you say you are preparing updates for pukipuki, do you mean that there will be new face sculpts?

      Because I want to order a pukipuki, but if there are going to be more faces available, I will wait!

      thank you for always keeping us updated
    5. Hi, I have a question,
      when will FairyLand begin to sell MiniFee? (not MiniFee SP)
    6. There will be two new concepts/themes for pukipuki. We are preparing for photographing and will update more information soon.

      Unfortunately there are no plans for selling MiniFee Normal Versions. MiniFee Normal Version is something that was made by Luts - the dolls have been always manufactured and provided to Luts as Special Versions.
    7. Will Fairyland sell MiniFee Elf versions?
    8. Will you be adding optional parts such as hands to be bought seperately. if so when?
    9. Will the small bust bodies be available for the mini fee girls?
    10. Will FairyLand be offering the "My Choice" system for Mini Fee?
      If not, will open-eyed heads eventually be available for purchase as parts (unlike at Luts, where only the sleeping heads were available as option parts)?
    11. Elf versions that were sold at Luts website as Limited Edition will not be avilable at FairyLand.

      MiniFee bodies are available now, and we hope to update more parts soon after the Lunar New Year vacation.

      Yes both large/small type bust girl bodies are available. The option will be incorporated to the girl body option parts item page after the vacation. In the meanwhile, you can just write on the customer request section asking for Soo type (small bust) when purchasing the girl body.

      EDIT: Small bust body is now available as separate MiniFee parts, and the above statement is no longer valid.
      As a full doll, only MiniFee Soo comes with small bust body, and all other girls in large bust body. The bodies cannot be swapped.

      My Choice system will be available soon after the Lunar New Year vacation break. :)
      We aren't sure whether or not the sleeping heads will become available as optional parts because like with "Normal" versions of MNF, this option was something that has been created & sold by Luts.
    12. I'm sorry to ask but is the large bust MNF body the default body that comes with the Minifee Girl Special? I have just ordered one and I'm wondering if I have to post in the customer service board to ask for a large bust body.
    13. I would also like to know if it is possible to request a small bust body when I order a doll? I am planning on buying a Shushu during the event, but I'd really love it if I could have her on a small bust body instead of a large.
    14. hey ^^ quoting what liria said above -

    15. But that is for the option parts. Like if you just buy the body, not a whole doll. Or at least, that is what I got from it.
    16. As far as I am aware only Soo comes with small bust body as a default and it can't be changed to large bust (except when you do My Choice system), so I think it is the same for the other types too. You do have the option if you are buying just the body.

      I have to get this confirmed by another administrator, but all FairyLand staff are away on break until Feb 10. I'll update the info soon after that. :)
    17. Will tanned minifees be offered in the near future?
    18. I asked them this on their Q&A board.

    19. At Luts the large bust was the default girl body that came with all the girls, so that's changed now or what? :)
    20. *cough* New items were added last week and this week including. Outfits, Wigs and Hands for MNF