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Minifee- Leekeworld wigs.

Dec 1, 2011

    1. Hey everyone.
      My minifee Rena needs a new wig quite badly and I really like the leekeworld wigs. The Problem I'm having though is that I don't know if she'd need a 6-6.5 or a 7-8. I was told on the minifee forum that I should get a 7-8 with a wig cap. I tried my bambicrony 7-8 wig on her with a wig cap and it seemed to be too big for her, but her head, after measuring where the wig should go, is 17.5cm. Did I just get a large wig (out of the normal sizing?) or should I try the 6-6.5? I want to be able to use a wig cap- I don't want her to stain! Thanks guys. I know it's a silly question.
    2. Bambicrony 7-8 wigs are pretty big.

      I have a Rheia and I prefer her in 6-6.5 Leeke wigs, although I'm not sure how her head size compares to Rena. All the 6-6.5 wigs I've tried on her fit, although they're wigs I bought for my very fat-headed yoSD, so they're a bit stretched out.
    3. I've tried 7-8 and 6-7 wigs on my shushu and I like the fit of the 7-8 much better, the 6-7 tends to be a tad too tight, which makes it slide of the head. One of her wigs is a 7-8 leeke wig and that fit's just fine.
      So I would go for the 7-8, if it's too big, you can always make it a little bit tighter
    4. Thank you both so much- very helpful. I thought the bambicrony wig might be a little big. And since I'll be using a wig cap also, a 7-8 sounds like it might be perfect! Thanks guys :)
    5. Well here's something to throw you for a loop! The Leekeworld wig I now own is 6/7 size and fits my Shushu just perfectly. My other two wigs are Crobidoll 7/8 and they fit the other dolls well but are a little big on my Shushu. It is an older wig so maybe the way Leeke measures the sizing has changed a little since. Luckily, as others have said, it sounds like a wig cap will help if the wig is too large.

      Forgot to mention, I'm not using a wigcap in any of the above cases, if that helps any.
    6. I have a Chloe who can fit 7-8 Leekeworld wigs. (Actually, only the ones I just got, it seems like my older one doesn't fit.) They are a bit big (but don't fall off..) but they fit really well with a wig cap.
    7. Me, i have a similar wigs from Leeke for my minifee and unoa ! it is at Mandarake website, you can ordered with english version (no time to wait) and quality is huge !!!
    8. I was just wondering the same thing! I'm trying to figure out what size to buy for my Chloe! I've heard Leekeworld wigs are amazing...
    9. My MNF Chloe wears a Leekeworld 6/6.5 perfectly (and I've tryed a bunch of different LW styles on her) I had a Shushu for a while too and she could wear the 6-6.5 also but it was a bit tighter on her.
    10. 6/6.5 fits my Chloe like a dream! 7/8 would be too big.
    11. What sizes work best on a Luka? :)
      ~ Thanks

      Edit: Im looking at Formydoll wigs. I know their sizing can be weird if anyone has a Luka who wears those.... c:
    12. I don't have a luka, but I just got a 7/8 for my ryeon and it fits perfectly.
    13. Ive heard that she may be a 6/7 so I just wanna double check. :)