Minifee (MNF) Shoe Database

Dec 30, 2010

    1. Hi all! It took me so long to go through the existing Unoa/MNF/Narae shoe thread & weed out all info specific only to MNF feet/ I thought I'd save others the trouble & consolidate all that info into one post. There are lots of MNF owners who had expressed the desire for an MNF-only shoe thread, since they do differ in size from the other slim MSD's. So here it is ;)

      All info has been taken from member posts. Keep in mind they're all personal opinions, & people have different fit preferences. There are links to the seller sites (when available) as well as to reference pics (when available).

      Note: Feel free to help! If you have any info or pictures to contribute, post a reply & I'll do my best to update this list in a timely manner.

      General info for MNF feet/shoes:
      *Go for inner length measurement of 5.5cm
      *Shoes that are too long can be stuffed at the toe to fit
      *Beware of too-wide shoes - they're harder to fix without "stuffing" showing
      *This post says MNF feet are comparatively the same size as Narae/Narin feet
      *This post says that MNF's can stand in Unoa high heels, but there's no pic to verify
      *Luts shoes for MNF's should fit, but are sold out on their site. Can possibly find them second hand. Kid Delf shoes are too big, Cutie Delf shoes are too small.
      *This post says MNF feet are slimmer than Unoa feet (a reply to the previous post asking that question)

      List of Sellers & Retailers for MNF sized shoes:
      Ajumapama: Scroll down to MSD Size
      May be loose
      Pics: maryjanes on Unoa in this post

      Bambicrony: Brava Bambi size
      Pics: Fits well according to this post

      Boneka: 57mm size (also sold on DDE)
      This post says they fit perfectly
      No pics

      Dale Rae: Scroll down to MSD size (also sold on DDE)
      Really cute ballet flats!
      This post says they fit MNF great
      Pic: flats on a MNF in this post, wedges on a MNF in this post

      Dark Blue in Dollsfairyland Ebay Shop: 1/4 size
      Fits MNF's great
      See post 1, 2, 3, & 4 for pics

      Dollheart: MSD size (also sold on DDE)
      ?? Some say they fit MNF, others say too big. Update if you can. I couldn't find pics on MNF feet.
      Pics:Boots on Unoa

      Dollmore: MSD size
      ?? Some say they fit MNF, others say too big. Update if you can.
      No pics to verify

      Dollsfairyland Ebay Shop (See Dark Blue above)

      Dollzone: 1/4 size (also sold on DDE, scroll down to MSD size)
      This post says her DZ boots are the same size as her MNF boots, but no pic to verify
      A word from Thakyuki about fit on an MNF
      Update with pics, anyone?

      Dream of Doll: D.O.C size
      Most styles sold out
      May be loose
      No pics to verify

      Fa-tiao on Ebay: 1/4 BJD size
      Pic: Fa-tiao maryjanes on Unoa

      Juju's Dolly mall: 58mm fits Unoa, 64mm fits MNF
      Snug, Goodreau sized
      This post says Cissy pumps fit MNF's
      Pic: low back sneakers on Unoa in this post

      Leekeworld: M size (also sold on DDE)
      *This post shows that Leekeworld M size fits VolksMSD perfectly, & are loose on Unoa. Since MNF feet are slimmer than Unoa, the Leekworld M size shoes might be too big for MNF
      *The LW site says their shoes measure 5.4cm, indicating they might be too short for MNF's 5.5cm feet.
      *BUT, the LW measurement might be an estimate, because this post shows an MNF in LW shoes (both with & without paper stuffing)
      Pic: this post shows them on an MNF, maryjanes on Unoa in this post, comparison of maryjanes on VolksMSD foot & Unoa foot in this post

      Mimiwoo: MSD 1/4 size
      May be too long & wide, better fit with socks
      Sneakers look big, might work best with boys
      Pics: see this post for reference on Unoa (maryjanes & sneakers), see this post for close-up of maryjanes (not sure what kind of doll)

      ((CONTINUED: CLICK HERE or scroll down to POST #8!))
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    2. This is great!

      This Ebay store has been recommanded to me a few times that is great for girl shoes.
      Here is a picture of a Minifee wearing them (photo courtesy meike) , sorry, not a fit picture but rather show a general scale thing.
      There were several more in the Minifee thread but I have no idea how long ago was that now.
    3. How about Volks MDS size?

      EDIT: I just measured my 47cm Obitsu girl and her feet are 5.5 cm x 2.5, as long as but narrower than Kid Delf. I checked on Parabox/Obitsu's site and they have new shoes up, several listed as MSD/Unoa that might fit. I'll order a pair, but I won't have my Shushu for two months. Can anyone check this?
    4. What a great thread! Thanks for your hard work!

      I can verify that Dollmore shoes are WAY too big for MNF . . . don't have any pics ATM but I suppose I could take some.
    5. I've found the Dollzone shoes to fit the length of a MNF foot perfect (though depending on thickness of sock, it may not fit), but they are a little bit wide (not insanely), and you'll want to avoid ones with ankle straps, as MNFs have tiny ankles compared to DZ.

      I can post a pic in a few days (when I stop being lazy).
    6. Im confused...The foot size for mnf's are 5.5cm's right and LK's shoes size are 5.4cm', wouldnt they be tight on the mnf feet?
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    7. ((Sorry, I should have reserved a post right after the original anticipation of the list growing too long))


      Monique shoes at Audrey's Doll Gallery: 54/25mm size
      see this post for reference pics on Unoa (scroll down to see the bit on sizing)
      This post says 57/28mm size would fit MNF's better

      Parabox: unconfirmed
      Might fit, since the site says their shoes are compatible w/MSD & Unoa.
      Pics to verify?

      Releaserain on Ebay: 2 categories to choose from: 1/4 MSD size, Unoa size
      May be loose, depending on style
      Pics: boots on Unoa in this post

      RubyRed: 1/4 size
      This post says they're a pretty good fit, may need tights or socks.
      No pics

      Souldoll: Soulkid size
      This post shows Soulkid shoes on MNF, good fit

      Sunny's World on Ebay: 1/4 size
      May be loose (probably okay w/socks or stuffing the toes)
      This post shows a slight gap in the back
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    8. The 1/4 shoes from Ruby Red are pretty good, but some need tights or socks to really fit. They're all a bit long, but the "Got Spots" leopard print are a great fit width-wise.

      Boneka's MSD size fit perfectly. They have their own site, but Denver Doll carries them and it's much easier to navigate.
    9. I've put Bobobie boots and kitty shoes on my MNF A-line boy and they fit.

      Dale Rae flats fit do also fit MNF boys, not just girls.
    10. I was wondering has anyone ever bought shoes from Soom's Rosette School? There are two boots on their sight I was just drooling over and I wanted to know if my bank account should be worried.
      I don't see any explanation of sizes, and the doll feet apparently are 5.3 cm, so would that mean the shoes might be too tight?
    11. I have most of the Iplehouse JID girl flat shoes and they do fit the MNF quite well; however, as was previously stated elsewhere, the tall boots are some too tall for the shorter MNF girl legs.

      The IH JID ankle boots are good on MNF, in fact, they are my favorite for fit, scale, and style.

      Some of the styles being sold to fit the Tonner Lark, Wren, etc. being sold by Debs-Adorables on ebay will work for MNF Active line feet.

      Since I am extremely picky and cannot abide overly large and out of scale looking footwear for my dolls, I feel comfortable in just vouching for the ballet flat style with bow, the T-strap with toe perforations, and the basic Mary Jane style.

      I cannot recommend the boot style as the tilt of the boot shaft is wrong for the shape of MNF legs and they cannot stand by themselves in them.
    12. I just want to reconfirm that I got a pair of Bambicrony boots and they fit my Minifee very well. Just that I am having a bit of difficulty to make her stand in them properly but nevertheless, fits like a glove. I will take a picture and show when I can.
    13. [​IMG]

      Picture of my Minifee Chloe wearing Bambicrony shoes. If not mistaken, this should be Brava Bambi size. They fit very well, as if made for the girl. Just a bit difficult to make them stand in these shoes. I think it's because of the heels.
    14. Hi. wondering about width. As long as the lenght is 5.5/6cm, it would fit just fine? doesn't matter the width?

      Thanks in advance.
    15. Hi! I'm afraid not. With high top shoes and boots it's OK if shoes are a bit wide, although sometimes they stand less easily in them. Also if they are really wide, they might look too bulky on the slim legs of a MNF. But on lower top shoes, especially things like ballerina flats, the extra room will be noticable on one or both sides of the foot. I think this looks awkward, but I'm a perfectionist. ;) I haven't yet found the perfect shoes for my Sahara. She's currently wearing a pair of Luts with an open top which are quite slim and thus look OK, but the lenght is about a centimeter off. So I'll keep looking. Hope this helps...
    16. I have a pair of Kish, Lark, Piper 14" doll shoes (I got them from Debs Adorables on ebay) and they fit perfectly. They are priced well too.

      This picture shows one on minifee (right, with painted toenails) and one on a shinydoll fragille. Fragille's feet are about the same size as minifee but slightly slimmer - and you can sort of tell that, but it's fractional.

      [ Left - shinydoll fragille ] <-------> [ Right - Minifee ]

      Feet comparison
    17. Does anyone know if there are any shoes for MNFs in any of the shops in Taobao? :o
    18. My Dale Rae flats DO fit my Mnf girls. Here is my girl standing unassisted in them:


      My girls CAN stand unassisted in Dale Rae heels, even with flat feet (I don't recommend it unattended thought) as you can see here:


      The Dollzone boots the girl is wearing here do not fit. They are much to large and loose inside. They look good though, being clunky.

      The following shoes from Releaserain fit: The goth buckle boots (visible on my flikr, can link if needed but posted in a couple places already), and the pink buckle shoes fit, though these are fairly roomy and fit much better with socks. They can stand unassisted in them and they do not look overly large. Again, pic available on flikr, will post if needed.
    19. Love the shoes but I have to ask where did you find that CUTE bag??? My girls would love a bag like that!!