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MiniFee Question

Aug 13, 2009

    1. I apologize if this is in the wrong area.

      I was wondering what eye size is the active line minifee from dollfairyland.com? I'm looking to buy one and I was wondering if anyone else had that size so I could look around at other doll sites for eyes. Thanks for the help. :)
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    2. It depends on the mold. Some people go all the way up to size 16, I think, yet others down to 12. Usually 14 fits though, on most. Also it depends on the look you're going for. If you want more "dolly" look, a larger eye works, more realistic, a smaller eye. You can usually find the size people use by doing a search in the Minifee Thread because the questions are always coming up and many people have already posted examples on their dolls, so it's there for you to see and judge what you like for yourself :D
    3. basically the girls come with 16mm and the boys with 14mm except woosoo vamp girl she comes with 14mm (depend on the head not the body)
      some people go a size smaller than these because they want a more mature look, but I prefer the original size because I want them to look cute ;)

      so I think that
      -soo, lishe, ari, shushu, marcia, ryeon, miyu, eliya, rheia, soo dark elf come with 16mm.
      -chiwoo, el, shiwoo, ruth, seorin, woosoo, woosoo vamp boy and girl, luka, karsh, carl come with 14mm.

      that's what I know, correct me if I'm wrong :)
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    4. Many people put 12mm in their Shushu's, and it looks really good. Mine has in 15mm and I think they're too big but I like the color so am keeping them at least for now. I have 14mm in my others - Shiwoo (both regular and Scar), Seorin and Woosoo. I think the Woosoo could probably take 12's, though, his eyes are narrow.

      I tend to use 14mm as a basic "starter size" for all Mini dolls. Unless the eyes are really small or really huge it seems to be a good neutral size. I haven't gone bigger (other than the 15's, which aren't available in 14) but have gone smaller for two of my non-minifees, my Mo and Rucas are wearing 12mm eyes (Rucas takes 12mm, he has a smaller head).
    5. To further complicate things, not all eye companies make irises and pupils the same size. With handmade eyes there are often variations in the same company. The ones that Ginarolo sells are sometimes marked "medium iris" if they're smaller than usual. . . like many things in this hobby it might take a few tries to get it right. Amy's advice is good--14mm is a good starter size for MNF.
    6. Thank you all for the help, I'll keep this in-mind when I'm looking for eyes. Does anyone suggest a specific place for eyes?
    7. It really depends on what type you're looking for, and what LOOK you're going for. I like Masterpiece polymers (acrylics) as an inexpensive realistic-looking eye, and I get them from Ebay. Glib acrylics are even cheaper and usually in-stock at shops such as Denver Doll, but don't look as nice. I have some glass ones ordered I think from Mimiwoo, but haven't gotten them yet, so I can't really say how they are. There are silicones (I like Soom's quality better than Masterpiece, personally), urethanes (out of my budget ATM, so I can't help on those) and others. I'd suggest looking through the galleries and asking about eyes you like, and checking the photo requests "other" section for eyes.
    8. Okay, thank you again for being such a great help! :)
    9. I prefer glass, urethane or silicone eyes in my dolls. Here's a quick list of my favorite eye resources:

      Enchanted Doll USA
      Aimee does orders once every 8-10 weeks. The best urethanes I've owned (I've tried Everpurple, Gumdrops and Mystics also.)
      Ever Purple Join a group order for discounts
      Safrin Doll dealer for Soom, Souldoll eyes, Eyeco, Masterpiece, and more. USA dealer.

      Eyes are super important to me so I'm willing to spend the money on eyes that have a lot of depth and photograph well. Even if you're on a budget you can get silicone eyes for under $20.

      Actually, here's a good resource for eye newbies. http://bjd-wtf.livejournal.com/683.html#cutid2
      and the list of brands: http://bjd-wtf.livejournal.com/2365.html#cutid2
      The bjd_wtf database is good but not all the information is updated.
    10. Wow. Some of these are absolutely amazing, thanks for your help :)