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Minifee Seorin and Ryeon Full Set!!

Apr 19, 2008

    1. I love those clothes too! Of course, that Halberd makes me drool XD They hinted that they MIGHT sell them separately afterwards, which would be pretty darned cool. If Fairyland starts selling custom-made accessories... I will never have any money ever again XDD
    2. i really love her whole outfit!
      i even want the cage too.. haha
    3. both are lovely...i'm hoping that the seorin full set is still available in a few weeks...my floating juri head may have to wait another month to get a body... :sweat
    4. Got me a Seorin full set! :D That was instant love at first sight. Wow. Hopefully will get me a Ryeon boy later on named Skye to be his best friend! XD So I had to get another one of those outfits so they match, hehe! :kitty1

      The outfits are available now! ^__^
    5. THEY ARE?!?!?! *dies*
    6. *died* O_O DO WANT!
    7. Totally. Seconded. I asked in the Seorin Intro. photos if they would be selling the outfit or the halberd. *grins* I. Want it. I would really love little weapons for Vana, and that halberd is awesome. I hope they do eventually release it for separate sale, because I would definitely purchase it.
    8. PsychoticElflet5>> haha wanted the Ryeon clothes for Aine...(mnf shushu vamp mod)
    9. THEY ARE SO CUTE! ; ~ ; I want theeeeeem. X3
    10. I caved. I had to. T__T; And with some regular hands, too. Sweet deal!

      So I placed my order for Seorin, that cheeky little devil...do they email me for payment info? Because I got the standard thanks for placing an order with us one...and I've never ordered from them before. :sweat Thanks in advance!
    11. His outfit is very House of Flying Daggers, I really like it.
    12. I'm glad that they do sell the outfits and wigs separate for those who don't want the doll.

      I love how Ryeon look, but I dunno if I want her as a full set. I don't care for the outfit... But do love the halbard. :D
    13. XD Her outfit is adorable. I meant Seorin's outfit with the halberd post, even though it really isn't in Wolf's style (nor is Ryeon's in Vana's style). Even so.. too cute. I really like the fantasy aspect Fairyland has going for them; right up my alley. :)

      Midori- See? It's the halberd everyone wants! Like I said, I hope they can start making them just to sell weapons. I would be really psyched. :lol:
    14. OMG, look at those adorable little faces and cute outfits. :D I want them booooth. Too bad I'm already saving. ;o; M-maybe later... (I hope they're still avaliable later. siiiigh)
    15. Their outfits are so pretty!! I want Ryeon!!!! *.*!! after summer I think I could afford her!! ...my first bjd ^^!
    16. Oh dear im gonna be permently broke!
    17. They are really cute! ^_^
    18. Fairyland sends invoices to every one manually so you will probably either get it tomorrow/tonight or on monday. :)
    19. Seorin is absolutely goregeous. In some of the other official photos, he looks downright evil. He would be the best mold for my Gaiten <3

      I wonder, does Fairyland do layaways? XO I'm in love!!!