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Minimee body from DIM

Jul 18, 2007

    1. Minimee body event is finished.

      If there is any more news, I will update it.

      Thank you
    2. There is one more thing.

      D.I.M is planning to have an inexpensive BJD line for BJD Lovers.
      The new line is D.I.M Love size(Boy)
      Please note that the current D.I.M Models will not be changed.
      I mean that there are two different D.I.M Love lines from October.
      Some models will be sold inexpensively and other models remain same.

      Thank you

    3. Denny, can you tell us what difference there will be between the 2 lines of Love sized boys besides the cost?
    4. Denny!
      I am so excited about this!
      I will be placing my order soon, as I am going to be using my birthday money for it!

      I do have a question about the bodies though. I know D.I.M. has only one female body. But they have two male bodies. Can you chose which male body? I would love to have the New male body for the Minimee I am planning to get.

      Thank you so much!

    5. Nell : The resin color would be different(New color). Others will be almost same.

      EGLovecraft : New Male body no.2 will be used for the minimee body.

      Now I'm receiving orders, thank you all of you and I will reply you next Monday.(I have a family trip this week)
      Thank you.
    6. Hello Denny. I'm curious, so since the D.I.M. body will be used for Minimee does that mean you will be changing the color of Minimee resin? Because I know that D.I.M. resin does not match Minimee resin. Or will the D.I.M. body resin be changed to match Minimee resin?

      I am happy to hear this news though. I was worrying a lot about what body I should use for the Minimee I want to order.
    7. So if male body is used, future minimee head will be made smaller to fit the body?
    8. The resin color is not yet decided.
      What I am sure is that the resin color will not be same as DIM doll.
      In two weeks, I wil show you some colors.
      Thank you
    9. Hi Denny, I'm a little confused about your post with regards to current MiniMee owners. You mentioned that there is a $50 discount for owners who have the larger batch of heads?

      So this means we'll be getting a DIM body + our MiniMee head in matching resin for $200?

      Also, does this mean that
      - the new MiniMee head will still be too large for the body (or will it be made smaller? I don't think so, right...?)
      - the new casted MiniMee head will be a different resin colour from our old one, so that the colour will match the body it's coming with?

      Thanks ^^
    10. Hi blackpaperbag,
      So this means we'll be getting a DIM body + our MiniMee head in matching resin for $200? ==>> Yes, it's correct

      Sorry that we can't make new modification for April batch's minimee.
      RE : Color
      At the moment, the color is not yet chosen.
      It will be decided in two weeks and I will show you some photos of the color that we will use for minimee.
      (I think the color will be a little different as we will change the material that is similar to the current DIM resin.)

      Thank you
    11. This amazing offer is for normal skin only? Or is there a white skin option avaliable too? ^^
    12. Hi Denny! What about the people who just recently received approval pics (May order). Will we be able to purchase a matching body to our heads?

    13. Lotte Rotten : Normal or White you can choose. but not yet the skin color has been relased.

      Lobelia : All minimee orders are casted soon. But the minimee body is scheduled at the end of September.
      So the offer is same, Minimee owners can order the body for 250$ and you get your minimee head as bonus that matches with the body.

      Thank you ^^
    14. Denny: Thanks for answering my questions ^^ I hope it is okay for me to wait till the colour is chosen in two weeks, before I order the body+head set~ Is there a deadline for current owners to place their order?
    15. So, with the larger heads, it will fit the body or will it still be too large?
    16. Dechanique: the april heads will still look out of proportion on the dim bodies. But the other months will be ok. I don't know if you saw the pictures of my Bowie head on my dim Archernar body. The head can go on the body, but the body looks too small for it. A 70 cm body works better for the larger heads.
    17. Yeah, I think I might go for an SD17, a DZ or maybe the new Limho :drool: My Limhwa is a perfect match for my minimee, other than the luminosity difference from one being french resin and the other urethane.

      Thank you!
    18. Oh, I like this plan a lot! I will save up so I can order. ^^ Will the order still be open in August and September?
    19. Denny, it may have already been asked, but are there plans to release tan resin ever?
    20. This is a wonderful idea! Now that you can get a body with the head, I'm considering it more..