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Minimee Christmas Event

Dec 4, 2009

    1. Thank you very much for your love and interest on DIM's Minimee service.

      If you are looking for placing a minimee order in near future, this is a chance to save some money.

      [ Minimee Christmas Event ]

      Event Period : Until Christmas(25th Dec)

      - 10% off for all minimee limited order.

      - Group order of 10pcs gets 30% off for extra head
      (EX)Celebrity minimee : 360$ + 49$(each extra head)

      Thank you

    2. Will the sales price be decreased automatically, or will DiM apply the discount after the order is received?
    3. I'm a little confused by this. Is this discount for any minimee head order? Like if I decided to make a new order, would this apply? If it was over the minimum of 2 heads, but not up to 10 heads would there still be a discount on those?
      I've been wanting to place an order for minimee heads, but I didn't know if this applied to that. Thanks.
    4. does this apply to the Minimee Bodies?
      cause that would be awesome >w<
    5. Any news on when you will offer the white skin Minimee Female body(Happy size)?
    6. We already applied that price until 25th Dec.

      Sorry for the confusion.
      Yes, the extra head's price is applied to the event price.

      So all minimee orders and extra heads will be the event price.

      Sorry Body is not in the event.

      If you want, just order it with normal skin of happy sized minimee body and write a memo in the order sheet.

      We will not upload this at the site but I will produce few for customers who need.(But the delivery can be a little longer)


    7. Does this include Custom sized heads?
      And how do you order those?
    8. Can I get event pricing if I order extra heads of a sculpt that I already had done?
    9. That is a Great question Alewife! ;) Hi Denny, if this is so, I may have some people interested for a TENDER EYE Hideto Matsumoto! :D

      Many Thanks...
    10. Yes, you can order Minimee limited and leave your message that you want a custom sized head.

      Then, I will send you the e-mail with total.

      Yes, of course.

      regardless of a group order, all minimee head is in the event price. so don't worry to order 10pcs.

      But the payment need to be paid in the event period.