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Minimee Discussion

Sep 13, 2014

    1. I've searched for it, but haven't found a thread to discuss minimee dolls, so I am curious if there are other people out here who would love to talk about minimee dolls- from all manufacturers.

      Sooo anyone out there who is in love with these gorgeous dolls like me?

      List of existing Minimee molds (at least of which we know of):


      Alice Nine- Shou (DiM)
      Alice Nine- Tora (DiM)
      Allison Harvard (DiM)
      Arashi - Jun Matsumoto
      Arashi - Kazunari Ninomiya
      Arashi - Masaki Aiba
      Arashi - Sakurai Sho
      Arashi - Satoshi Ohno
      Arimura Ryuutarou (DiM)
      Buck-Tick- Sakurai Atsushi (DiM)
      DBSK- Jaejoong (DiM)
      DBSK- Yunho
      DBSK- Xiah Junsu (DiM )
      Daigo Stardust
      D'espairs Ray- Hizumi (DiM)
      D'espairs Ray- Karyu (DiM & Nobilitydoll)
      D'espairs Ray- Tsukasa (DiM)- as far as I know only by some one-person order, Group order fell through
      D'espairs Ray- Zero (DiM- two versions at least)
      Dir en grey- Die (DiM- two versions at least)
      Dir en grey- Kaoru (DiM - two versions at least)
      Dir en grey- Kyo (DiM - three versions at least & Nobilitydoll)
      Dir en grey- Shinya (DiM)
      Dir en grey- Toshiya (DiM- three versions at least)
      Gackt (DiM & Nobilitydoll- at least three versions of DiM sculpt)
      Gacktjob- You Kurosaki (DiM)
      Gacktjob- Chachamaru (DiM)
      Hyde (DiM- at least two versions)
      Jang Keun-Suk (DiM)
      Kamijo (DiM)
      KAT-KUN/JE - Kazuya Kamenashi (DiM)
      Kenichi Matsuyama
      Lee Jun Ki (DiM)
      lynch- Hazuki (DiM)
      Mana (DiM)
      Mansai Nomura (DiM)
      Merry- Tetsu (DiM)
      Miyavi (DiM- at least two versions)
      Mucc- Tatsurou (DiM) as far as I know only by some one-person order
      Nightmare- Hitsugi (DiM)
      Nightmare- Sakito (DiM)
      Ryuhei Matsuda (DiM)
      Song Joong- Ki (Nobilitydoll)
      Takeshi Kaneshiro (DiM)
      The GazettE- Aoi (DiM)
      The GazettE- Kai (DiM)
      The GazettE- Reita (DiM)
      The Gazette- Ruki (DiM- at least two versions)
      The Gazette- Uruha (DiM- at least two versions)
      X-Japan- hide (DiM)
      X-Japan- Yoshiki (DiM)


      Alan Rickman (at least 2 different versions, both by DiM, one for DoA , one for Russian doll forum. The DoA version was made by DiM China)
      Alexander Skarsgård (DiM)
      Alison Harvard (DiM)
      Amy Lee (DiM)
      Andreja Pejic
      Andrew Smith (DiM)
      Angelina Jolie (DiM)
      Audrey Hepburn (2 different versions, both by DiM China)
      Barbra Streisand
      Benedict Cumberbatch (Natrume)
      Bill Kaulitz
      Billy Piper (DiM Korea)
      Brad Pitt
      Brandon Lee
      Cate Blanchett
      Daniel Radcliffe
      David Bowie
      - DiM
      - Nobility doll
      David Tennant (DiM China)
      Davy Jones
      Dean Winchester (DiM)
      Devon Aoki
      Elizabeth Sladen (cast by Mirodoll)
      Elvis Presley
      Ewan McGregor
      Gary Oldman (DiM)
      Gerard Way
      Gwen Stefani
      Helena Bonham Carter (DiM)
      Hugh Jackman (Nobilitydoll)
      Jackson Rathbone (DiM)
      Jacob Black (Twilight)
      James Marsters (DiM)
      Jared Padalecki
      Jason Isaacs
      Jenson Ackles (DiM)
      Jeremy Brett (DiM China)
      Jeremy Northam
      Johnny Depp (DiM)
      Johnny Weir
      John Rhys-Meyers
      Keanu Reeves (DiM)
      Kirsten Dundst (as Claudia)
      Kristen Stewart (as Bella Swan)
      Leonard Nimoy (DiM, China)
      Lacrimosa- Tilo Wolff (DiM)
      Lady Gaga
      Liv Tyler
      Michael Jackson
      Michael Praed (DiM)
      Milla Jovovich
      Misha Collins (DiM)
      Morena Baccarin
      Mötley Crüe- Nikki Sixx (DiM)
      Nathan Fillion (DiM)
      Orlando Bloom (DiM China)
      Robert Pattinson (DiM)
      Sam Winchester (DiM)
      Sam Worthington (DiM)
      Scarlett Johansson
      Sting (DiM)
      Summer Glau
      Tilda Swinton
      Tom Baker (DiM China)
      Tom Cruise (DiM)- Lestat de Lioncourt
      Tom Hiddleston
      - DiM Korea
      - Whispering Grass
      - Natrume
      Viggo Mortensen
      Zachary Quinto


      Ai no Kusabi- Iason Mink (DiM)
      Avatar- Neytiri
      Beauty and the Beast- Vincent
      Black Butler- Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji) (DiM China)
      Black Butler- Grell (Kuroshitsuji) (DiM China)
      Castlevania- Alucard (DiM China)
      Corpse Bride- Emily (Nobilitydoll)
      Dark Crystal- Jen (DiM China)
      Dark Crystal- Kira (DiM China)
      Hands and feet for Gelflings ((from Dark Crystal) (DiM China))
      Eyeshield 21 - Hiruma
      Final Fantasy - Angeal
      Final Fantasy - Balthier
      Final Fantasy- Cloud Strife (DiM)
      Final Fantasy- Genesis (DiM)
      Final Fantasy - Kadaj
      Final Fantasy - Lightning
      Final Fantasy - Loz
      Final Fantasy - Noctis
      Final Fantasy- Reno (DiM)
      Final Fantasy - Seifer
      Final Fantasy- Sephiroth (DiM- two versions at least)
      Final Fantasy - Squall
      Final Fantasy- Vincent Valentine (DiM)
      Final Fantasy - Yazoo
      Final Fantasy- Zack Fair (DiM)
      Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward Elric
      Gravitation- Uesugi, Eiri (DiM)
      Hellboy- Prince Nuada
      Kingdom Hearts - Sora
      Kingdom Hearts - Riku
      Kingdom Hearts - Roxas
      Kingdom Hearts II- Axel (DiM)
      Legend of Zelda- Link
      Naruto- Kakashi Hatake (DiM)
      Pan's Labyrinth- Pan
      Resident Evil - Leon Kennedy
      Skydoll- Lodovica

      Important Links:

      NobilityDoll http://www.nobilitydoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=724
      Magical Angel http://www.magical-angel.com/product/head/
      FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/914335111916744/
    2. I always love to talk about minimees!

      Maybe we can talk about where the new minimees are coming from?
    3. i am a little in love with them but i don't need more than i already have ^^
    4. Jigarkhvar, I know what you mean!
      But not actually needing them doesn't stop me from wanting them! :P
    5. Yay Minimee love! :D
      [​IMG]I need some big love today by eviexm, on Flickr
      Glad you made this thread, Ereskigal. The only MNM thread I could find is the Tom Hiddlestone discussion …

    6. Me too. So great, that there are some other minimee lovers :aheartbea. So far all my minimee heads have been from private sellers on doll boards. I'm so sad, that DIM had closed their doors for minimee services. They had the best minimees. I will do a minimee group order through Magical Angel by end of the year., Moi dix Mois Mana. I hope that they will do good work. As far as I heard offers Nobiltiydoll their service from time to time, but you have to take 10 heads at least. If they will do great work, I will commission them for all my plans. I hope to get some of my wishlist dolls through the marketplace, but some had never been made or are very hard to get, so I really hope Magical Angel will do great work.

      Through one my sales, I`ve heard from someone in Finland, who is offering to sculpt heads, I haven't had the time yet to contact him, but I will do soon.

      I love your hide, he is sooo super cute. Yes I´ve found the Tom Hiddlestone thread as well, so sad that the other minimees hadn`t had that much attention.
    7. I do like Minimee as well, but not J-Rocker ones :sweat
      I do own a Daniel Craig minimee and also a Brandon Lee minimee. While Daniel Craig was made by DIM, Brandon Lee was made by Angelsdoll company. Both dolls are fully assembled and painted.
      Daniel Craig head is using a Mirodoll body while Brandon Lee is using the Angelsdoll slim male body V0.1
      [​IMG]BJD guitar scale by $abbatha, on Flickr
      I would love someday to try an order for James Hetfield lead singer of the trhash metal band MetallicA :drool
    8. Thanks, Ereskigal! He's my sweetheart … :)

      Hi $abbatha, nice to see your Brandon Lee! He looks pretty badass. :wiggle

      I'd really like to see more MNMs on DoA. Strangely enough, they have never been so popular, while other realistic looking dolls have. However, I've seen lots of great photos on Flickr.
      I have 3 DIM Minimees (SE hide, Shou of Alice Nine and Kamijo) and Murph by Namonaki Workshop (no Asian company). hide is on a heavily modified Doll family A body, Shou on a modified Mirodoll 60cm body and Kamijo on a Demon Garden body. hide is the only MNM I created after the original - or rather created himself. It wasn't planned at all …

      I'm also interested to see the new Minimees not made by Doll in Mind and what bodies everyone is using for their heads.
    9. You know Evie? I'm kinda surprised too that not so many minimee are around, i guess that heads are too much different in terms of easthetics to fits to regular BJD body, is completely different now cause Mirodoll company really axed the prices and also easthetics of the bodies for sale are pretty much in western/realistic easthetic.
      :3nodding: thanks for liking so much BL!
      I guess that DIM made a good job in past, but you know i'm not to fond about Nobility Doll..i've read some complaints about quality of the manifacturing and resin thinness issues..
    10. Oh Evie, your Hide is simply awesome, he looks alive. *__*

      Probably minimees are not that popular because of their huge size and problems with finding a proper body/skintone for the vast majority of them. Moreover, such characters usually don't match the rest of the dolls in the house well, as they are significantly bigger.
      Right now I'm very pleased only with Namonaki Workshop minimees - as they are SD-size and look nicely among my other realistic dolls, such as Nabarro, LLDT or Unidoll.

      I'm joining this thread and discussion as I'm also a proud owner of 2 minimees. They are Namonaki Workshop Mikkel (as Hannibal Lecter from the show Hannibal) and DIM Misha Collins (as angel Castiel from Supernatural series).
      That's my Cas - he definitely needs a bigger body.

      Untitled by White Thesis, on Flickr
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    11. Thanks for liking Bl as well :)
      I agree that new companies are around and that's quite good. Namonaki Workshop made interesting heads, sadly none of them interesting me but hey never say ever!
      I agree also with Reya: usually minimee bjd doesn't fit nicely into the regular bjd collection, again i think that it's merely an easthetic issue *minimee tends to be pretty much realistic while usually bjd are stylized*
    12. Oooh I just found this thread. I love minimees and i'm one of the DIM Hiddles/Loki owners. I love seeing MNMs but you don't see them around enough. I love that they are so different to the normal bjd aesthetic and they often have the most amazing features. I would be interested to see other companies MNMs. I know Natrume on etsy makes some amazingly realistic ones.
      Brandon Lee looks great $abbatha and James Hetfield would be awesome! Please don't get me started on wanting to create my fav bands.
      Reya I love your Misha Collins/Cas he just looks like he needs a big hug:)
      I know we are spoilt and have our own little thread but here is a pic of my Loki...

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    13. Awwwwwwwww so great to see more people around who loves Minimee. :aheartbea

      I fully understand the aesthetic thing- when I started BJD I had Luts, Dollzone and Soom dolls- and I weren't satisfied as they had so different aesthetic and I'm very picky with that- so in the end I only kept the Soom dolls. Now I only have Minimee dolls. I'm planning on getting some Iplehouse dolls - especially ladies, at a later time- and hope that my minimees will look ok with the Iplehouse YID ladies ;).
    14. Oh man Sephiroth and Le Louch! Enzyme your boys all look amazing:D
      Ereskigal I think IH girls are a great choice to go with your crew. The IH sculpts are more realistic and on a larger scale than many other bjds so they are more likely to fit with the MNMs. I have IH SID boys and they look fine with my Loki.
    15. Kavarr thanks for liking Brandon Lee :love
      You know i'm still lusting about getting James Hetfield, but i will not create a band. Usually i create an original side character based onto celebrities features *that happens everytime infact BL is actually used for another character*
      I agree that easthetics is an issue, Minimee are pretty much real while BJD are stylized which is nothing bad anyway.
      I could suggest to all of you to give to Mirodoll body a try cause my HUGE Daniel Craig head looks pretty fine onto that body. If you wish to see some piccies let me know, i will post it here.
      Enzyme as usual your dolls are just great!
    16. That's right, I'm using Mirodoll bodies for several of my Minimee head, as well as Demon Garden.
    17. Kavarr, thank you so much, you are too kind. (:

      $abbatha, thank you very much. ^^

      I definitely love the more realistic aesthetics of these sculpts. I wish DIM was still making MNM, I would definitely get more video game/anime male sculpts from them if they were.
      Their 1:6 scale work is amazingly accurate, it makes me regret not requesting to have their Korean team sculpt my custom Sephiroth years ago... oh well.


      Gues my original post got deleted because of the Photobucket issue...
      Here's the photo I had on there, with all my DIM Minimee head sculpts:
      From top left to bottom right: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Kadaj; Code Geass Lelouch; FF:CC Sephiroth - half-closed eyes; Second-Hand MNM, can't recall which sculpt, customized as MGS4 Raiden; Resident Evil 4 Leon S. Kennedy; Privately-ordered Sephiroth FF:CC version.

      - Enzyme
      #17 Enzyme, Sep 21, 2014
      Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
    18. Reya Dawnbringer, thank you. I sometimes get people thinking my Minimees are real persons. They even got a request from a model agency once … XD

      Your Cas looks very good, its beautiful picture of him. The body proportion seems fine in this photo. What body is he on?

      Kavarr, your Loki is very welcome! I love this sculpt, he is kinda cute.^^

      Enzyme, so nice to see your guys here!

      (argh, sorry, I gotta go - I'll write on later …)
    19. Thanks Evie! Your MNM looks incredibly realistic, I assume he's based on a real person, those are always jaw-dropping impressive. ^ ^

      On the subject of bodies, I don't suppose anyone owns a Dollshe 28M Classic body? I would love to see a DIM MNM on it.

      - Enzyme
    20. Enzyme, some of the MNMs based on real persons are masterpieces, they are very detailed and quite accurate. The only thing that bugs me that their heads vary so much in size. Some look quite good on smaller bodies, others need 70+ bodies - even some of the female molds.

      I wonder what has happened to the tons of MNM heads that have been made by DIM over the years. I also remember, DIM made a Brad Pitt event head years ago - haven't seen any of these for ages …

      BTW How did you feel when you first came across realistic molds? The first Minimees I ever saw were a guy made to look like someone's husband and the other a girl sculpted after someone's daughter. I thought they looked quite creepy. I believed I'd never own one - I didn't even want to paint them as commissions first. But … I changed my mind.:XD: