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Minimee promotion, by Denny Kim of DIM Doll

Feb 12, 2007

    1. Denny Kim is offering a wonderful opportunity to have yourself or a loved one as a doll! Please do see the thread below, as there are example pictures of both the doll and the model. I believe there is a link to Denny's Ebay auctions for the action figures as well, which are so very life-like!

      [For Promotion Minimee Project]

      This is Promotion price : 380$ + Shipping

      *Order period : 12th.Feb. 2007 to 20th. Feb 2007

      *two Minimee heads(Same head of Open eyes) without make up

      *Delivery in 45 - 50 days

      *Order : nescot@paran.com

      *send me photos & Choose size

      *Choose Realistic BJD(more than 80%)or Styled BJD(ABout 50%)

      I hope this promotion would work well.

      Thank you


      More information here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=117345
    2. What do these dolls look like? o.o
    3. They'll be based on the photos you send. Just heads, right? I hope they fit Volks SD/SD13 bodies perfectly. :)
    4. What sizes are offered?
    5. SD and MSD
    6. For the same price?
    7. Wait, really? Both heads? Are they the same price? Ooo
    8. As far as I understand, the quoted price above is for either a 45cm compatible size or a 60cm compatible size.

    9. You get the same head, but with a sleeping version as well. You can choose either SD or MSD (but the same size for both heads, obviously) and it's the same price.

      Denny thinks the heads will be compatible with most standard bodies, but they are being made with the DIM bodies in mind. He's a really lovely guy and will answer any questions you have, so definitely PM him if you want to clarify things ^^ (I don't want to give any false information, either.)

      kyos_kilt, the head will look like you or the person whose photos you send in ^^ You can either have a realistic doll (ie, a portrait doll), or a BJD style. If you take a look at this page http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106515&page=11 you will see the head that Denny's artist sculpted for Cheshiretiffy, and a photo of herself at the bottom of the page for comparison. Cheshiretiffy got the BJD version, it's just fantastic!

      Unfortunately, this project won't be staying around if Denny can't get 30 people interested. At this price, though, I can't see how people couldn't! (I hope to get one ^^)
    10. So he's sculpting 30 new heads for 30 people or is he taking a pre-existing head and making a faceup on the doll that resembles the person?

      I'm still kinda confused....
    11. 30 new, special heads based on photos from 30 people! Each custom head is a new mold.

    12. You send in photos of the person you want the doll of (it does say on the website which angles they're after), and they create a mold of that person for you, in either realistic or BJD style. It's completely and utterly unique to each person ^^

      No famous people, though ^_-
    13. If you would like to join the promotional Minimee Project.

      Could you send me order with the following form ?


      *Shipping address[Full address]


      *Size Choice : Love size or Happy size

      *Choice of reality : More BJD Style(40-50%) or More Realistic Style(80%)

      *Paypal payment id :

      [Shipping cost]

      To USA : 33$
      To ASIA : 19$
      To EUROPE : 29$
      To AUSTRALIA : 25$

      Please send payment to frenchdoll@ifigure.co.kr or sales@ifigure.co.kr
      they are both working.

      Thank you

    14. Oh man.... that sucks. =o Great idea though...
    15. I am sorry if the previous articles can make people confused.

      So I would like to clear all of this.

      You can choose SD size or MSD size.

      I offer two same head of what you choose.
      (No sleeping version is offered, but if you really want, I can offer you with extra cost.)

      Custom Make up is option with 60$ if you want.

      Re : Body
      Not 100% skin matached for any body.
      Volk body would be ok and D.I.M Happy boys body is working ok(For MSD)
      (Please note that the Happy boys body is new skin)
      If you need girl body, perhaps volks would be work fine.

      We are developing new body for this minimee project with inexpensive price for people who ordered Minimee in the future.

      Thank you and any questions, I often visit here so, PM me or e-mail me.

    16. So the girl's DIM love body would not work?
    17. If you make bodies in the future, do you think a large chested 60cm girl would be in the works? :fangirl:

      You originally said you were taking 30 orders, right? Are you planning on opening more slots after these ones are full?

    18. Perhaps, Someone can make some article for this to answer qustions.
      I am afraid that I am breaking any rules of news section.

      Answer : Yes, I am taking 30 orders and perhaps I can take some more
      as this is promotional priced BJD so many people are intereted in this.
      I've got about 11 orders now and getting inquiries.

      Re : A Large chested 60cm girl body
      Everything is possible. We will take opinions and study.

      Re : D.I.M Love girl body

      Sorry it will not be working together.
      For boys of Happy size(MSD) : D.I.M Happy boys are well matched.

      Normal VOLK body would be work out.
    19. Denny, all questions and answers about the 'news item' are welcome in the 'news' section. :) Please feel free to answer any questions that you are asked and provide as much information as you like! The only thing we discourage in the news section is 'chat' posts, that do not ask for information or provide information.
    20. Thank you very much Cassiel, That is very helpful.

      I got some questions from people.

      Question : Can you make minimee with drawings ?

      A : Yes,drawings can be worked out as Minimee if I get provided with details of Drawings.

      Q : If I send you photos of character that I want, Can you make it as minimee ?

      A : It's possible, but it will not be 100%, it will be 80%+ realistic bjd.
      To do it, many detailed photo(face) shoud be provided.

      Q : Models or Stars that you want to have ?
      A : I am afraid that I can't make as same as the face of stars or models that you ask.
      it can be like 80%. to make things exactly same as star would be not right by law I guess.
      But as a hobby, not for the commertial use, I think it would be possible.
      Just ask me with photo first before send orders.

      Q : Is it possible to request some point of face that I want to change something like "Bigger eyes, smile etc on.

      A : Yes, you can ask me what you want and as this result will be the imagination of artist's impression.

      Q : Do you accept any make up option ?
      A : yes, Custom make up option is 60$ and need detailed photo of make up.

      Q : How's the skin color look like ?
      A : it's difficult to explain, comparing with normal Volk color(Old one), the default skin color is more bright. but can be worked out fine with Volk.
      For whom order happy size(MSD size), it would be good match with D.I.M Happy boy's body.(New skin)

      Q : Do you accept Layaway ?
      A : I prefer to get payment as soon as the order is taken.
      however, if you are really want to be one of the limited orders, Please let me
      know. Perhaps we can work it out together.

      Q : If I don't like the result of the sculpt, what then ?
      A : Before the completion, I will send you photo of the sculpt. So you can check it out with preview photo

      Thank you and if you have any questions, Send me PM or e-mail me.
      I am replying as fast as I can.
      Good night !