Minimee wishlist?

May 13, 2020

    1. I literally wonder if there's a minimee wishlist. I couldn't find one. But I'll gladly participate in a collective order for a young Julia Roberts:3nodding:
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    2. I’ve not seen a wishlist and I don’t think I can afford any more dolls anyway. But I’m still gonna keep an eye on this thread...
    3. Being a kpop fan, I'd love to see a minimee edition of either Kim Jonghyun or Lee Taemin of the group SHINee!
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    4. I'd be very tempted to join a group order for a Minimee of Joaquin Phoenix//The Joker :drool
    5. I'm not usually interested in Minimees, but a Taemin doll would definitely be tempting...
      Or like... anyone from VIXX or NU'EST...
    6. Eww!! I agree!! NU'EST Ren!!!
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    7. Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray :love