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Minis and heeled feet...

Feb 27, 2007

    1. I'm getting back into MSD's and looking for high heeled feet.

      If you could share which companies make such feet for their minis, I would appreciate it (just to clarify, I'm not asking for shoe companies). :)

      The only minis I currently know who have them are Unoas. :sweat

      Oh and if there is already a thread, please let me know. I have searched. :daisy
    2. I haven't heard of any... but that's not to say others haven't.

      There *is* a Unoa parts preorder coming up next month, so they're not unattainable, it's just perhaps a resin match issue....
    3. Thanks guys! I was looking at getting a N-Doll and if they come with heels, all the better! :D

      More suggestions are welcome.
    4. All the parts in the preorder are going to be the 1.5 skin color.
    5. I'm not really looking for Unoa feet at the moment... :sweat

      There has to be some mini heels out there? (N-Doll has my attention right now hehehehehee...) :daisy
    6. I only know to N doll
      but I do have one and I can highly reccomend them , they are amazing doll
      beautiful resin ...lovely
    7. Unoa 2nd Cream and Mocha have high heel feet. Their feet are really beautiful and heels look amazing on them! :aheartbea
    8. Thank you! I've been having a look at them! ^^
    9. So I guess there are no more?

      I've been hunting around but found next to none. :(