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Minis into mamodos?

Nov 7, 2005

    1. Okay.. I've fallen in love with Zatch Bell. (Do I fall in love with stuff a lot? O_o; ) Anyways! I wanted to make a Mamodo of my very own! Mamodos are children from another world that are sent to Earth to find partners every 1000 years to fight, and they destroy eachother's books to send them back to the mamodo world. The last one is made the king of the mamodo world. They all look like children, but some of them have vertical lines from under their eyes towards their jawlines. I was really thinking BF Tiny Fairy Kyle, but does anyone have any suggestions? I might look into tinies, but it's tough for me to justify that kind of price for such little ones. ^^; Thank you! :3
    2. I adore Zatch Bell! I thought about doing the same thing but with a mini may. My lovelyhouse boy kinda looks like Kyo too but 300+ bucks is alot! if you try post tons of pics!
    3. i've been wondering if anyone had ever made a momodo, or even did some zatch cosplay. would you make a doll of a current character on the show, or create your own? awe, and you could make a little book too, with spells.

      my favorite momodo is yopopo.
    4. I would probably create my own. ^^ Though Brago is very fine... >3 I'm thinking of cosplaying him for the next anime convention. :3
    5. Reviving this thread. :) I'm in love with Zatch-Bell! even to this day! (since 6th grade, wow...)

      I found these a long time ago, even before I knew what BJD's were, exactly. :sweat

      Here's Koko and Zofis:

      And Brago and Sherry, along with the two above:

      Here are the original links, plus more images:


      I don't know what language it's all in. I'm sure they're not tinies either, but I don't know the brand. They appear to be on the Volks-ish side of things, given that these images have been in existence for a while.