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minis with changeable faceplates?

Mar 3, 2009

    1. ok...I know Narae and Unoa....
      any others....
      (I do have tinies by elfdoll that change, too)
      curious about the msd size with faceplates....

      thanks in advance!

      of course I'm a very NEW one to these dolls, and know there are soooooo many!
    2. I don't know of any other than Narae and Unoa, but they might be out there somewhere! I can say definitively that Dollzone minis, Dolkot Juniors, and Minifees do not have changeable faceplates (though the Minifee's makers, Fairyland, use faceplates for their smaller dolls - Puki and Littlefee).
    3. thanks sooo much, I appreciate you!!!!:chocoberry
    4. Minifees do have a really easy head changing system though. Might as well be as awesome as faceplates are.
    5. that is a PLUS! thanks!
    6. elfdolls' mini size dolls use faceplates, i think
    7. I'll check this out, too..thank U for the info!