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Minisup Clothes and Shoes Reference GUIDE

Jul 21, 2009

    1. I noticed these threads starting to pop out among several other doll brands, and I figured we could use one as well :)

      I figure the less chat, the easier this thread will be to navigate, so please refrain from chatting about the dolls in this thread. We already have a great chatting place in the discussion thread here :
      Of course all talk about clothes and shoes are more than welcome, and feel free to post pictures!

      Please include the following information:

      Brand / seller
      Item (description or link)
      Useful information (How did it fit/look, difficult getting on and off, just anything you can think of that may be useful to others)

      Anything more I should include or any ideas to how we can make this thread better/more useful. Please post about it :)
    2. Clothes that fits very good / good:

      - Socks, stockings and leggings fit.

      Her Delicate Strength:
      - Everything fits, but pants may occasionally be a bit snug in the butt, but they still fasten fine.
      - Unconfirmed if the halter tops fit.

      - tshirts fit.
      - baggy sweathers fit.
      - Bottoms unconfirmed.

      eightl0ngmonths (etsy):
      - tops, hoodies, sweathers fit.
      - leggings, stretchy pants and tights fit.
      - Unconfirmed if the skinny pants fit.

      Clothes that doesn't fit / doesn't fit very well:

      For more detailed comments, please refer to the thread itself.
    3. Shoes that fits very good / good:

      Dale Rae:
      - Basic flats fits w/o socks.

      Luts Minifee shoes:
      - Mary pumps with straps (a bit big).

      Shoes that doesn't fit / doesn't fit very well:

      Luts Minifee shoes:
      - Engineer boots(not listed anymore, but huge).
      For more detailed comments, please refer to the thread itself.
    4. Clothes:

      eightl0ngmonths (Etsy)
      Item: Sweathers, pants, tights, socks
      Useful information: She makes clothes from jersey fabrics for slim MSDs. Everything have bought fits my minisup, some tights/pants may glide down a bit in the back when sitting.

      Seller: Sugardollshop (Etsy)
      Item: stockings.
      Useful information: net stockings run a little small over the butt, but it is possible to get them on. Other stockings fit better, but are also a bit small.

      Brand: Dollmore
      Item: Overknee stockings, like these : http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=4876
      Useful information: Fits very good, a bit loose but since they are stretchy it doesn't matter.

      Brand: Dollmore
      Item: Roll Up leggings like these: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=5582
      Useful information: Fits good. Is a bit big, but it doesn't show since it is stretchy.


      Dale Rae (www.dalerae.com)
      Item: Basic flats for slim MSD (http://dalerae.com/BJDMSDDaleRaeshoes.htm)
      Useful information: Tight fit with no socks.
    5. Supposedly clothes from these brands fit:

      Softly She Walks
      Her Delicate Strength

      Anyone who can confirm this or have more information, ie which type of clothes fit best, anything in these brands that do not fit?
    6. My minisup's wardrobe is almost entirely Her Delicate Strength stuff and so far everything I've tried has fit great. Minisups have very wide hips so occasionally pants are snug in the butt, but it's not really a problem; they still fasten fine.

      I have jeans, cords, cargo pants, miniskirts, a big pile of shirts, and a coat from HDS, and all of them fit my minisup great. I need to verify that the ruffle halter top zips up all the way in the back; it was too tight on one of my dolls but I can't remember if it was the minisup or one of the kid delfs. @_@

      Re: shoes... Minifee shoes from Luts fit but tend to run a bit big. I have a pair of Mary pumps with straps that fit well but are slightly on the large side, and a pair of minifee engineer boots Luts doesn't have listed anymore that are ENORMOUS. (I suspect Luts tries to make them to fit the new Kid Delf body also, to the detriment of mature minis with smaller feet.)
    7. I can also verify that tshirts from Mio fit fine. The only Mio stuff I have is a tshirt and a sweater, and they both fit great. The sweater is a very baggy style, though, so it's very forgiving fit-wise. I can't speak for any of the bottoms.
    8. Okay, I just got another batch of Dollmore stuff. Report follows.

      I bought sneakers and "enfant shoes". They fit, but is about 1.5 cm too big. I definitely looked off to me. The sneakers were a tighter fit, the enfant shoes were both too long ang too wide.
      Here are the links:

      Clothes etc:
      Underpanties fit perfectly, at least this kind: http://dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6177

      Basic high neck sweather (http://dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6143) : Too big, very baggy.
    9. Shoes
      Brand / seller
      Item LS-156_M
      Useful information a good fit with socks (may seem a bit big w/o them)

      Brand / seller
      Item LS-023_M (yes, not flats)
      Useful information fit great w/o socks (haven't tried putting socks on). Mine even manages to stand in them, so there is no problem with keeping balance either ).

      Brand / seller nine9style
      Item twist knit jacket
      Useful information a very good fit, also if there is some very thin clothes (like a t-shirt) beneath the coat. And you can actually put stuff into the pockets ^^;;

      Brand / seller nine9style
      Item leggings (can't find them atm)
      Useful information a very good fit, since they're stretchy. But black clothes stain (which is natural), so I'd recommend and least washing them beforehand.
    10. I can finally contribute to this thread as I received my first outfits in the mail today for my Yan!

      Brand / seller Slim MSD clothes made by DoA member Shin-zo
      Item Hoodie, leggings and dress. All 3 pieces only cost US$10!
      Useful information Leggings are very tight around the butt but ok, hoodie and dress fits great.
    11. Brand / seller Michele Hardy Designs (Slim Mini size)
      Item Dress, leggings, belt
      Useful information Everything fits perfectly, especially the dress!
    12. Brand / seller musedoll
      Item this dress and stockings
      Useful information there's so much more detail than the photos show :) The dress might be a bit tight around the chest, but it doesn't show once you have closed the zipper. Stockings fit very well and have a sweet design.
    13. Shoes
      Brand / seller
      Item LS-038_M
      Useful information good fit for the shoes without socks, but the straps are a bit loose
    14. Brand / seller Etsy seller guppykisses
      Item Sweater shirt for MSD
      Useful information Fits perfectly!
    15. Brand / seller Etsy seller MonstroDesigns
      Item UNOA/MINIFEE slim msd light blue stretch jean leggings
      Useful information Fits perfectly!

      Brand / seller Dale Rae Designs Footwears
      Items MSD Canvas Sport Flats (with and without straps)
      Useful information Both of these shoes fit great without socks/tights
    16. Brand / seller: Link on ebay
      Item (description or link): Kish 14" shoes
      Useful information: Will not fit with stockings on. The toe sticks out and makes a slight bump on the end. Not very noticeable in non-metallic varieties. Super cheap shoes though

      Brand / seller: Leekeworld
      Item (description or link) Link
      Useful information: These boots are about 1cm too big for Minisup feet. The 'leg' part of the shoe is very large around the leg of the doll as well.

      Brand / seller: Rrabit
      Item (description or link): Boots and Maryjanes
      Useful information: Gorgeous quality and fit! Fits with or without stockings. My girl stands in both of these shoes by herself. I'm pretty sure these come from taobao originally. However, ordering from taobao can take a long time and feels less safe, but is cheaper.
    17. Seller- Balljointedsoulmates on Etsy
      Item - White long sleeved crop top
      Useful information - fits pretty ok. It’s a bit tight on the busy area and isn’t as loose as it shows in the picture as it is originally for minifee’s but it fits