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Minoru World has an English site up!!!

Jun 18, 2005

    1. I hope this isn't a double post, but I just discovered Minoru World's new English site. :D I love doll shoes, and theirs are awesome, so go check them out!!! :grin:
      (hope the link works right :oops: )
    2. O.O Omg! NoooO! My money might get lost there!
    3. I love those pink and blue dresses!!!
      I find their translations so cute! The way they refer to the hair bow as a Katyusha is just too funny (def. Katyusha - type of rocket).
    4. OMG how cute. are those matching adult ballerina shoes and BJD shoes??
    5. :o I found the boots I've been looking for. too bad I can't take out of my doll head fund to get them :(
    6. Must... resist... allure of tiny, tiny PF boots...

    7. Oh, how cool! Except now I know where my birthday money is going.
    8. Oh God no! *clutches at air*
      Why do things like this come at the worse time? Anyone have a theory yet? :cry:
    9. happy happy joy joy!
      I have a Hypermanic girls body ...BIG feet and she wants some girlie shoes!
      happy happy joy joy !

      DAMN ! I keep trying to join and it wont accept it it keeps prompting me to check my name ?? :crushed
    10. OOoooh that are back at last .
      But they still have this crappy credit card payment..!!!!! U can't see a secure logo when u click on it :(
    11. They've got World Pay, which is secure, I'm pretty sure, it just shows up stupidly. >_<; I wish they'd fix it up, but I guess if they're happy with it...
    12. I'm dying for those 2x black shoes for my Unoa, but they are always out of stock.
    13. They hate us? You know, the same reason that all of the Cerberus Project male Elf versions are limited, and VOLKS hasn't made standard YO-SD, or SDC, and all of the beautifulest CustomHouse dolls are way, way limited and/or one-offs.
    14. The page won't load for me at all. ;.;
    15. :o OH NO!!! they don't have anything for msd!?!?!? i may just have to get a pair of boots to stare at all day :cry: :oops:
    16. They do have boots for MSD. ^-^ Just go under 'size' and they have a MSD category.
    17. I was trying to order some shoes on Thursday and the same thing happened to me. i also tried odering without joining and that didn't work either. :(

      I may send the nice person there another email....(I had written to ask what size I should get for Ryung with her 72mm feet and got a very helpful response.)
    18. you might need to change your web browser i had trouble using my credit card too, normally i use mozilla firefox and when i opened the site with internet explorer and tried to pay it went through.
    19. Wait...are the Ballerina C type shoes going out of production?! Nooo, I need a pair of those!
    20. Ditto! ;.; I wish so hard that I had money right now.