Minoru world Roa and Roel

Nov 27, 2005

    1. Oh Dear so many beautiful new dolls to tempt us ...and just too close to Christmas !:cry:

      MinoruWorld will present a Roa & Roel which MINORU WORLD's original Pocket Fairy to public for commonly selling.

    2. is it me or dose she look like a tiny tiny Suzuna with that wig on ??:D
    3. waaaaa :D so cute!!
    4. Ah ah ah ah!!!! My normal-skinned softly smiling Choco-ish girl!!!!!! I actually think I like the basic one more than the special (other than the boots, those boots rock). She will be mine!

      But a week is soooooo long to wait...
    5. Yes, I think she looks like a tiny Suzuna also. OMG I need them both. ;;_;;
    6. :D she is lovely isnt she

      I have promised myself another little girl next year :D
      ....I love those wigs
    7. Well I've gone and done it!! I've ordered Basic Roel. I thought I'd be going for Yoko, but then he just kept looking back at me with those blue eyes and I melted.
      Robin, I liked the basic one better, too. So my little boy can wave to your little girl soon. The boots are great, though, I just preferred the blonde hair/blue eye combo.
      Christmas is coming early in this house!! Yippee!! I think he'd be a perfect little brother for Elibeth (Cutie Mary).
      Thanks for the link, Carrie.
    8. Are those the eyes you get in the basic doll though?, in the description it says: Default Eye : Life Like Red Green 8mm
      Bit confusing?
    9. I agree, it does seem confusing. I looked at the eyes they offered and on the green section, you can see them. I think they are what we call hazel. There is a very good close-up here http://minoruworld.net/eng/notice_index.php?no_id=52 just click on the picture of the one you want and it comes up nice and big. Hope this helps a bit.
    10. LOL!! It's revenge of the Tinys!!! <G> She's #3 heading this way......your Roel will have plenty of gals to choose from <G>

      I ordered her yesterday morning, I'm so jazzed! Got her an extra wig and some boots as well, but I have some size 4/5 wigs that didn't fit Ru that I'm hoping will fit her. Minoru World says she'll ship in a week! I've already got some Masterpiece 8mm's I'm planning on using for her if I don't like her defaults.
    11. Now if only they would stock all the PF's. I can't believe how quick she is at sending them out. I feel like I've waited forever for Ru and still no news. This means our little ones will be here for Christmas! They won't have to spend it in a dark, cold box...... hurry home Pol (Roel).
      Your Roa will have lots of new things, then, Robin. She's going to be very spoilt I think.....
    12. PFs are evil! Hehe. I want one so bad, but I can't stand spending that much on something so tiny...here's to hoping I get enough of a Tax Return to get Roa and/or Roel after Tax Returns x_X;
    13. I wonder are the ones with the cute boots and the flower outfits limited?
    14. I've had a good look at the notice about them, but can't see anything regarding limited edition..... I might have missed something though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
    15. LOL...aren't they all <G>. My girls (and boys, as Ewan just got some shoes yesterday) are the most spoilt kids on the board, methinks ;)
    16. Hee, hee, Pol's little toys have arrived!! 4 soldiers, a rocking horse, bucket and spade, wooden train set, tiny racing car, etc........ they are 1:12 scale so will be toys for him. I'm delighted. I love shopping for tinies. Now all I need is him so that I can make him some clothes.
      I think tinies get spoilt because they are so easy to buy for. Yey! for tinies!!!
      I can see why you love the little ones Tinybear (Carrie).