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Update Mint on Card News - New Clothing in stock!

Mar 9, 2009

    1. *11/04/09 - Please scroll down for the latest update!*

      Due to the upcoming new mini girl body, all mini girl AE dolls with the current slim body are on sale! We do not plan to re-stock and sell these dolls with the slim body once they have sold out. Slim mini bodies will still be available for sale, and full dolls with the slim body can still be Special Ordered. Dolls have been marked down from $235.00 to $185.00.


      If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. Thank you!
    2. The sale on the Slim Body Doll does not have an end date, they will remain on sale until we run out of stock.
    3. Price drop on all eyes at Mint on Card! We are able to get glass eyes at a better price now, so we have lowered the prices on our site! All eyes are now priced $9.00. Jing Xi Bags, (Bags with 3 pairs of eyes), are now $20.00.

    4. They are fairly close. AE uses new face-up artists now, so the new dolls coming in are painted very well, some even look nicer then the promo pics. :D The dolls that were painted by the old face-up artists are not as fancy, but they are still nice. The lip colors can vary from the company pics, that is the biggest difference that you'll notice.
    5. *EDIT - This post is a response to a question about Eyes*

      We do plan on stocking new colors and styles, but we don't plan on adding any additional sizes at the moment.
    6. No, Asleep Eidolon doesn't take pictures of every doll they are going to ship to us. We don't see the face-ups until the dolls arrive.
    7. Ok so I'll have to wait to see what she is going to look like. It's like a grab bag. lol
      I don't know anything about these dolls I've only own a dollfie dream and 2 DODs. What size wig do they fit into? so heads run smaller and some large, I've noticed.
      Do you know if there are any dolls around the same size as these AE slim dolls that aren't BJDs? I want to find inexpensive clothes and don't mind that it's not bjd clothes. Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it.
    8. Most AE mini's wear size 6/7 wigs, but Meijia wears a 7/8 and a couple of others can get away with that size as well. 6/7 wigs made for Unoa dolls fit AE minis well. I don't know of any non-BJD dolls whose clothes fit AE dolls, sorry. :sweat If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.
    9. Our shipment from K2 Clothing has arrived! Clothing is available for 1/6, 1/4, and 1/3 dolls. In addition to outfits and separates, we also have socks and undergarments available. I've included a few pictures below, but please visit our website to see our full selection, there is far too much to post here! :sweat Prices for K2 items range from $1.00 - $25.00.


      If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. :daisy

    10. It took a while, but we finally have Asleep Eidolon Limited Edition Mu in stock! She is limited to 20 dolls worldwide. Each doll is numbered; you will find the dolls number inside of her head. Price is $500.00, includes face-up.



      Elbows and knees are double jointed. Mu includes the following:

      -A Certificate of Authenticity
      -1 pair of random 16mm Glass Eyes
      -Eye Putty
      -Face Cover
      -Box with blanket

      Doll Measurements:
      -Doll Height: 58.7cm
      -Circumference of Head: 23cm
      -Neck Circumference: 8cm
      -Shoulder Width: 12cm
      -Chest: 22.5cm
      -Waist: 17.5cm
      -Hip: 25.5cm
      -Leg Length: 28cm
      -Feet: 7cm
    11. Our 'Tea Party' shoes have been re-stocked and are now available in new colors! Colors available for Large 7cm are : Baby Blue, Black, Bright Pink, Dark Orange, Neon Green, Red, and White. Colors available for Mini 6.3cm are: Baby Blue, Black, Bright Pink, and Neon Green. Price is $4.00.


      Pretty Panda shoes for minis, size 6cm. Price is $6.00.


      We also have Sneakers in stock that fit YoSD. I'm not going to post pictures all of them here, I'll just post one as an example. Price is $7.00.


      New 'Animal Crossing' miniature sets. Price $4.00 - $6.00


      Thanks for looking! :daisy

    12. 1/3 Di, Zheng (Standard), and Cheng are now in stock! Currently Cheng is only available as a head. DragonDoll is still working on the new body, (72cm with head), as soon as they have completed it we will stock Cheng as a full doll. Di and Zheng are $70.00 for heads and $276.00 for Blank Full Dolls. Cheng's head is $78.00. Currently we only have these boys in Normal Yellow Skin, but Normal Pink, White, and Tan are available via Special Order.

      Di (61.8cm)

      Zheng (Standard, non-limited version 61.8cm)


      Cheng (72cm)

      If you have any questions please PM me. Thanks!

    13. K2 dresses will be back in stock sometime next week.
    14. New K2 clothing in stock for Girls, (1/6, 1/4, and 1/3), and Boys, (1/4 and 1/3). I'll post pictures of a few of the outfits; please visit our website to see everything. :daisy

      Teacher's Pet:

      Floral Fun:

      Pretty Punk:
    15. We have stocked new outfits for 1/4 Girls & Boys, and 1/3 Girls & Boys, (both 60cm and 70cm boys). Below are a few examples of our new items; please visit our website to see all the new outfits.

      Ooh La La! $46.00 (Size: 1/3, available in Red or Black)

      Prep School, $14.00 (Size: 1/4 and 1/3, available in Black, Blue, and Pink)

      Sweet Stuff, $11.00 (Size 1/3)

      Wild Imagination, $12.00 (Size: 1/4 and 1/3)